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Digital Transformation Strategies Using DevOps And Test Automation

Test automation plays a crucial role in strengthening digital technologies and transformations, provides one fresh one a quick head start. As digital technologies are increasingly evolving and growing at a rapid pace, QA teams must ensure that they utilize the best practices. It will enable them to overcome the time-saving problems required for manual testing, provides quick feedbacks and decreases the market time.


Every software team tests its products. It is known facts that the software’s which are yet to deliver will still have some defects. Test engineers strive hard to catch them before the product release but always creep in and often reappear though following the best manual testing processes. Test Automation software is the perfect choice for increased efficiency and effectiveness as well coverage of your software testing.

Manual Testing:

Manual testing involves human efforts as he has to check every sentence carefully. It requires explicit verification through application screens using distinct input and usage comparing, comparing results to the expected behavior and recording observations. These tests have often repeated during development cycles for source code changes and other situations like hardware configurations and multiple operating systems.

Test Automation:

Digital transformation influences test automation with this advanced and free test automation tools and strategies that far exceeds the ability of the legacy testing process. Continuous testing provides real-time insights into the application’s business prospects at the enterprise level.

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Continuous testing is a critical success factor. It is as an extensive process than test automation. Optimizing organizations performance involves mature application development practices and DevOps implementations.

Test automation is moving forward with varied continuous testing approaches like risk-based test case design, and virtual test drove services, seamless integration into DevOps and test data management.

Data is the key facilitator in present world for any industry. Managing test data is a critical task, as it helps to properly organize the necessary data sets to build a test environment and boost software quality assurance.

It is the primary factor for testing applications functionality, performance, security, and every aspect that is essential to assure the particular customer experience. Thus managing test data is crucial for your data management strategy and also your overall testing strategy.

Likewise, focusing on continuous approach for functional test automation. To build an accurate continuous delivery pipeline creates DevOps culture:

  • To collaborate with distinct teams,
  • Involving in software delivery including developers,
  • Operations,
  • Business analysts,
  • Quality assurance,
  • Management, etc.

In addition to time savings, cost, and risk of delivering software changes to provide more incremental updates to production applications.

An automated testing tool is capable to playback the predefined and pre-recorded actions compare results to the expected behavior and report the status that is either success or failure of these manual tests to a test engineer.

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Once these tests are created, can be easily repeated and can be extended to perform tasks that are impossible with manual tests to a test engineer.  It is the main reason why savvy managers found that automated testing tools like Selenium are the key components of any successful development projects.

The software driven by Digital technologies require propelling products immediately and persistently with best quality standards. The falling repercussions to choose the test automation lose the business possibilities owing to longer time to market.


Benefits Of Evolving Automated Testing:

  • Initial Defect Recognition
  • Actual preciseness in recognizing defects
  • Constantly Responding to updating business demands
  • Speedy time to market
  • Enhanced productivity and time savings
  • Delighted customer experience

To accelerate any business outcomes of digital transformation, drive DevOps in some crucial perspectives that need to consider in early stages:

  • Automation tools and practices relate to Mode2, like DevOps and Agile that evolves to organization scale as organizations mature their capabilities.
  • As cloud-based services create advanced technologies like machine learning in a more accessible way and tools to leverage the prominence fading the service-oriented approaches.
  • It is a known fact that technological assets are interdependent with other specific assets, it is essential to have an organizational collaboration to change them effectively. Currently, Test automation rates are averaging around 20% overall, and from 25-30% for agile adopters.
  • DevOps helps you to expand your business benefits like increased revenues, improved customer experience, and lower functional costs, and so forth.
  • It enables automation at any point to release management activities like development and testing, static code analysis, and deployment needs using distinct tools and scripts.
  • DevOps with its consistent focus on constant advancement can launch business’s capability to deliver software efficiently.
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Bottom Line:

Test automation is not a long business case topic in the present day scenario. Instead, it is an essential aspect for any organization to manage mounting test volumes on digital transformation initiatives.

Prasanthi KoradaAbout the Author:Prasanthi Korada loves pursuing excellence through writing and has a passion for technology. She has successfully managed several websites. She currently writes for, a global training company that provides e-learning and professional certification training. She is based out of Kakinada and has an experience of 4 years in the field of content writing and blogging.

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