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Top Trends That Will Drive The Software Development Industry In 2018

In this era of innovation, “the only constant thing is change”! The trending stuffs today are borne to get obsolete tomorrow. Being aware of the quick changing trends in the sector is surely an overwhelming challenge for software development firms.  Nonetheless, identifying an innovation’s capability to have a long-term impact on the business can empower you to differentiate between fads and trends. With the beginning of a new year, you might be wondering which software trends are capable of playing a major role in 2018.

The Software development sector keeps experiencing major changes everywhere. Thus, software testing firms are additionally adjusting to the trends in the sector. The speedy technological innovations in the software testing sector force analysts to upgrade their abilities occasionally. It’s fundamental for the software development firms to be aware of the most recent testing trends in 2018 to accomplish optimum quality.

Below are the top trends expected of the software development sector in 2018?

Advanced Digital Currencies:

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and newcomers Litecoin, Dash, and Ripple have turned out to be common forms of digital currencies. They will keep on becoming generally embraced methods for exchanging. This will trigger enhanced cybersecurity on the grounds that the stakes will be ever higher as their values increase. Moreover, digital currencies will continue to empower and be empowered by different innovations, for example, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, storage, edge computing etc.

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Intense Use Of Open Source Tools:

The vast majority of the organizations acknowledge Open source tools for the execution of computerization, tests, Agile, DevOps, and Defect Supervision. There are many open source tools easily accessible in the market yet you can witness an improvement in these tools also.


You have probably heard about Blockchain more often than not in 2017. This is as a result of its incredible ascent. In any case, we believe that this innovation is blessed with the ability of changing almost every industry. Furthermore, in 2018, we would start to see more instances of blockchain revolutionizing business-class platforms.

In 2017, we experienced numerous IT firms introducing their own particular blockchain platforms and IBM is the pioneer among them. Oracle, Amazon and Microsoft are additionally not far behind as an ever increasing number of organizations are joining the fleeting trend for business level blockchain platforms. We foresee an increase in the number of organizations using blockchain items and even IT heavyweights entering the market.


The Combination Of Agile And Devops:

Agile and DevOps will rule in year 2018. It provides lesser delivery cycles and allocates the obligation of value to everybody. Constant delivery and non-stop Integration are the prime components of DevOps and these are in charge of the quicker delivery cycles.

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Expanded Focus On Digital Testing:

2018 is prepared to witness a period of Digital Transformation. The Software development Industries are setting out on lesser time to market life cycle with an expanded spotlight on Quality Assessment and Testing. The approach of these firms is to include streamlining practical testing across channels.


Despite the fact that Robotics studies have been carried out decades ago, its application has not prospered. Be that as it may, the previous couple of years have seen expanded market accessibility of consumer robots, and additionally more refined military and mechanical robots. We anticipate that this will trigger more extensive use of robotics in medicine and other health sectors. It is predicted that practical application of robotics or Military Site would further advance in 2018.

Performance Engineering Picking Up Pace:

The success of a site or an application is reliant upon how the design, functionalities, and features are depicted to the end client; that is client encounter is the prime factor. This upgrades the need to install UI/UX into your long haul business procedure. Expanded interest for better client encounter moves the focal point of organizations from execution testing to efficiency tuning.

A Colossal Ascent In IOT Testing:

Recently, the vast majority of the business activities are embracing Internet of Things (IoT). IoT gadgets and applications are tested for performance, security and ease of use. The vast majority of the clients depend on IoT testing before the buying their items. All the IoT gadgets require Internet network thus defenseless against security problems and dangers. This guarantees the need for IoT Testing.

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The innovative advancements in the software testing industry have compelled various IT software development company to enhance their abilities and quality.  It is an unequivocal test for the firms as well as for the whole IT sector to follow up on trending technological updates and progressions. However, we can predict that IT software development companies would thumbs down these difficulties with their developments and research. We all anticipate the trending software innovations this year. With 2018 up and running, we hope that these 8 trends would be here to stay for long and remain relevant in respective industries.

Maxwell DonovanAbout the Author:Maxwell Donovan is the writer to this article. He is a regular contributor at many sites and mainly focuses on business and technology related topics. He also writes for NetGen which is one of the leading IT software development companies in South Africa.

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    I am aware that technology will continue to evolve unceasingly, showing that we also have a great desire to continue to grow into a better person.

    I pay attention to Blockchain and Robotic, these two technologies will really change the future. Let’s see that now there is a lot of digital money that you can use for online transactions, in addition Robotic helps high-end industries to create a product.

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