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Marketing Tools You Need For Your Start-Up

Startups of all kinds need to promote their products and services in order to stay abreast of their competitors in the market. Offline promotions and online promotions both are now important. There are companies and startups who have little to no knowledge about how much they can do with the internet. SMM seems to be a complicated term for many. However, it is not. Social Media Marketing is now the norm and if you are still not doing it then you are lagging behind your competitors for sure.

Social Media Marketing is all about engaging with your target customers, writing attractive content, increasing your followers, generating content on a regular basis, coming up with original posts and maintaining a balance between the number of followers and following. Make sure that the number of followers is more than the number of profiles you are following, as a lot depends on it. You will gain more followers if you follow less and provide good content, since this dictates if people can trust your profile or not.
If you are an entrepreneur who has just started a business, then your startup will need a lot of marketing to promote the products or services you provide. There are a vast number of free tools available that will be of immense help to you when it comes to social media marketing (SMM). These tools are available to make your job easy and it is upon you to use it wisely.


List Of Some Top Rated Internet Marketing Tools:

Some of the marketing tools that you can use are listed below –

  1. Canva
  2. Hotjar
  3. Buffer
  4. HubSpot Marketing Free
  5. WordPress
  6. Charlie
  7. Google Trends
  8. After the Deadline
  9. Simply Measured
  10. Medium
  11. Content Idea Generator
  12. SumoMe
  13. Segment
  14. Must Be Present
  15. Google Scholar
  16. Readability
  17. Followerwonk
  19. Fanpage Karma
  20. Readability Test Tool
  21. Website Grader
  22. LikeAlyzer
  23. Onpage Optimization Tool
  24. Rapportive
  25. Open Site Explorer
  26. MentionMapp
  27. Tweriod
  28. Wolfram Alpha Facebook report
  29. SharedCount
  30. Facebook Page Barometer
  31. Save Publishing
  32. Newsle
  33. Hemingway
  34. Blog Topic Generator
  35. Crowdfire
  36. Quicksprout
  37. Wistia
  38. Google Analytics
  39. Conversation Score
  40. Peek
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These tools are very useful for social media marketing. It makes your task easier so that you can save some time, energy and effort. However, if you think you cannot do it all by yourself then hire a team of professionals. Build an in-house team or outsource the job to other firms and individuals. This way you can rest while your company gains more customers.

“Most startups don’t fail at building a product, they fail at acquiring customers.”
– Gabriel Weinberg, CEO & Founder DuckDuckGo

It is true that most of the start-up owners think that marketing is expensive and this results in the death of their business. The above listed tools are available free of cost, so if you use these and just begin marketing and promotions via the online media then slowly but surely you will see an improvement in your turnover. However, if you think that you can’t do it and you need professional help then go for it.

Give a kick start to your start-up with best saving money guides. But without any form of marketing your business will surely die. You need to build good platforms to communicate with your prospective customers. This will enable you to get feedbacks which you can work on to make your customers happy and this will in return bring in more customers.

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