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Personal Injury Lawyer In Maryland: How Do You Know You Need One?    

Maryland straddles the Chesapeake Bay, with 16 of its entire 23 counties are connected to the body of water and its tributaries. It is no wonder that fishing is a significant industry in the state, being one of the country’s foremost suppliers of blue crabs.

As per the Small Business Association, there were nearly 582,000 small businesses in the state, employing more than one million workers in 2017. The industries vary, from real estate, computers, coal mining, fishing, and manufacturing. With the sheer number of companies and workers, you can almost expect occupational injuries and deaths.

How do you know that your employer is liable? Well, for one thing, you can discuss your case with the best personal injury lawyer in Maryland.

But to give you an idea, there are three essential ingredients in a personal injury lawsuit:

  1. First is that the employer or the potential plaintiff was negligent. Regardless of the personal injury, if you have a reason to think that the other party’s carelessness directly or indirectly caused the damage, then you possibly have a case.
  2. But negligence is not enough. You must show that the negligence had a bearing on the personal injury. For example, if the employer did not provide fall protection equipment and the worker suffered a broken leg after accidentally falling from a drop, then the management is responsible.
  3. The injury resulted in damage, which does not only refer to the physical hurt the victim has suffered. It also includes lost wages, physical pain, mental stress, hospitalization expenses, as well as the succeeding therapies and treatments. These are called compensatory damages.


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What Do The Statistics Say?

According to data from the Maryland Ministry of Labor, there were nearly 70,000 cases of non-fatal occupational injury and illnesses recorded in the state in 2017. The ratio was 3.3 injuries for every 100 full-time workers. Of the total number of incidents, 48,400 of them involved private-sector employees. Meanwhile, illnesses only account for 1,700 of the cases, and the rest are workplace accidents.

There is no data on the number of personal injury lawsuits filed against companies. Unfortunately, some companies have managed to work the system in their favor. Cases will hardly progress if the complainant is not cooperative. In this case, management does everything to make sure that happens.

For example, they will agree to pay the worker’s hospitalization bills, and their assistance ends there. The worker, who does not know his rights, might even be grateful to the company, whose negligence caused the injury in the first place.

Know Your Rights:

When you talk to the best personal injury lawyer in Maryland, you will realize that you are entitled to more under the law. There are too many cases of workers dipping into their savings once they get out of the hospital. The company might have settled the balance of the medical cost, but what about your maintenance medicines or physical therapy?

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In some cases, companies even terminate the services of the worker who could no longer work after the injury they sustained. They do get a separation pay, which is a pittance considering that they were still productive before the accident. The management should be liable for all the lost wages and opportunities if you are forced out of the company.

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