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Top Online YouTube Intro Makers (FREE)

Videos have become an integral part of digital marketing. It has emerged as the most efficient form of content in the digital sphere. With social media platforms like YouTube grabbing millions of eyeballs every second, ignoring to produce quality video content is not wise for marketers worldwide.

But, not all videos will fetch the same kind of results. The content needs to be rich and premium to reach a wider audience. To create stunning videos, you need a brainstorming session, a structured format, and the right tools to create what you visualize.

It is important to have an intro, proper body, and an outro for a constant flow and stability.

What Is An Intro? And Why Is It Important?

In very basic terms, an intro is the beginning of the video. It acts as an introduction to the upcoming content and the brand or person that is the producer of the video.

An intro is important as it serves multiple purposes, which are:

  • To introduce the brand.
  • To establish clarity for the viewers.
  • To keep the audience hooked.

List of Top YouTube Intro Makers Available Online:


If you are starting in the field of video creation, VideoCreek is the right choice for you. It is a free tool available online that helps in creating good intros for YouTube videos. The tool comes with a variety of ready-made templates for the user to choose from. The tool is not completely customizable as the layout of the final output remains the same as that of the template.

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The following three steps can be followed to edit the VideoCreek templates:

  • Change image
  • Change audio
  • Extra customization

This tool is appropriate for beginners as the little tweaks in images, font, audio, etc. can be done very easily with fairly good video quality.



Digital space is flooded with all types of video content from different spheres today. Be it the gaming industry, the entertainment world, the music industry, or business-oriented firms; everyone is allured towards the video marketing concept. Panzoid is a completely free software to create intros that will do justice to your videos. This software has multiple features such as a background editor, 3D animations, etc. Using Panzoid, you can select the resolution as well as the frame rate depending on the type of output you want.

This software enables the users to come up with quick clips too for an emergency need. YouTube has several tutorial videos on how to make the most of Panzoid features.


All the gaming videos can get a boost using this software to create their intros. Blender is a quite well-known tool which is free of cost. It is capable of processing 3D pipelines and has a bunch of features that are advanced enough to match the gaming vibe of the YouTube gaming channels’ videos.

It has features that include looking after functions like rendering, motion tracking, animation, simulation, modeling, and many more. You might need to spend a few days trying your hand with certain features to come out with a decent intro. The professionals will definitely find this free online tool very helpful to up the quality of their videos.

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InVideo is an intuitive and free intro maker available online. This tool lets you create professional-looking intros in no time. It is one of the most versatile options to create stunning intros for your video. The immense variety of features include animation, collaboration, 3D video editing, access to audio tools, drag and drop facility, a huge media library, brand overlay, and many more.

You can directly share the video with your social media channels, too, using InVideo. Make your YouTube video stand out by making use of InVideo’s premium features.


If you are truly dedicated to making your intro stand out, Flixpress is where you should head to. It is a free tool available online with features that will enable you to create an awesome intro. It has a multi-layout editing option along with a wide range of templates that can be customized according to your preferred color scheme and design elements. Flixpress contains several 3D components, including images, text, animated videos, and colors. All the media files available in the library are royalty-free. The intros created in Flixpress will be of 360p resolution. The free plan allows video creation of up to two minutes.


A wide array of tasks can be done using this online tool for free. Apart from creating stunning intros, you can create a whole video, design your website, and also create a logo for your brand using Renderforest.

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This tool comes with a lot of intro templates for the ease of the creator. It has more than fifty thousand templates, all fully customizable giving freedom of creativity to the one who creates. The free plan offers access to 500 MB storage and using the plan, you can create videos of 360p resolution that are up to three minutes long. The only issue is that the free plan videos will come with a watermark.


This is a professional online tool that is capable of creating premium quality videos. The user interface of the tool is quite easy to understand, even for beginners. Biteable can be leveraged to create intros from scratch. It also has a huge library of readymade templates for intros that can be edited as per your choice and saved for later or instant usage.

The free plan will let you create just ten videos, which will all have a watermark on them. The free plan also gives the user access to about 800 thousand premium video clips to incorporate in your intro.


YouTube videos are non-stoppable today, and to make them even more appealing and interesting, the YouTube intro makers are at the rescue. Create videos that are clear, concise, and speak for themselves. Nicely done intros leave a good impression on the viewers persuading them to subscribe to your channel.

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