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Preamble To The Web Design Trends In 2018

Remember the good old telegram days? I am sure it was a star communicator in its time on its worth. Technology indeed unfurled fast and a message today is driven home in a second’s time. Likewise, web design is so dynamic that today’s ‘fresh and modern’ might as well be obsolete in a couple of years. One has to really keep pace with cutting-edge trends to provide best user experience on web and mobile devices in terms of design and the evolutions that occur.

The entire purpose of creating a website is to communicate its content online. It is exactly here that the importance of web designing comes in as a vast percentage of people depend on the internet for information like news, online shopping, social media etc. Thus, keeping design trends abreast with current trends is a prerequisite to arouse user’s attention. Creative bent of mind and being at par with technology are must haves to design websites.

2017 met with the most hyped web and brand design. Having mapped them all along with the changes that are doing the rounds, one can put forth some crucial trends to monitor in web design in 2018. Research confirms that majority of consumers fall for the first impression or to be precise, the visual appeal of a website determines their decision about whether or not to rely on a business. One needs to be abreast with the ongoing and upcoming web design trends which might suit one’s requirement instead of sheer design fancies.

Following are few yardsticks along which web design trends would evolve and unfurl in 2018.

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Full-Screen Video:

Visual learning is believed to be the most effective learning. Pictorial movement of any image on a page entails greater user engagement and captivity without requiring a lot of scroll downs or reading. The dynamism is further augmented by sound. An optimal blend of experience with metrics is an obvious trend which is expected to grow further in the coming year. If expert predictions are to be believed, a lion’s share of all consumer internet traffic would be video by 2018. Besides its usage as a marketing tool in design, video is also gaining strength with the recent releases of live-streaming in social media.


Irrespective of whether it’s a copy-heavy content or a pictorial message, typography would spearhead web design in 2018. Typography is believed to set the tonality of content. With device resolutions getting sharper with time, readability is only improving by the day. Veteran designer of , Stephen Perry had made a forecast that the trendsetter in 2017 would be bold typography. It is evident that 2018 would follow suit with huge, dynamic, eye catching, out of the box typography.


User interface will see huge design potential in 2018. Brighter hues clubbed with greater use of gradients is on the cards. The look and feel of color blurring is evolving. Unlike earlier subtle variations in gradients, the current trend is big and bold with colors in plenty. Flat colors are passé and multi-colored gradients are in. Logos, buttons and other elements are now stylized differently. Instagram created ripples when it changed its prior logo of brown and cream camera with a rainbow patch into a new logo of purple, orange and pink. 2018 would see a lot of rainbow gradient that would augment the feel of opportunity and optimism.


Illustration is a multifaceted element with myriad uses in website design. Here, let me put it blatant: illustrations not only communicate. It communicates artistically.  Illustrations need not necessarily entail higher levels of sophistication. Many a times, a simple illustration can be a showstopper with large images filling almost the whole of the top of a page. Animated illustrations are a somewhat new entrant but I believe they are here to stay. Designers are more and more inclined towards custom illustrations to enliven web pages further. The biggest benefit that illustrations reap is that they are relatively lightweight and call for very light bandwidth to load. Moreover, I personally rate illustrations high on the aspect of customization which is not the case with photographs. Geometric shapes ushered in 2016 and gained momentum in 2017.  It is expected to further develop in 2018.

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Photo Content:

For e-commerce sites in particular, photo content would contribute a lot towards web design. Since visual impact is deep rooted in a consumer’s mind, product pictures go a long way to decision making for users in e-commerce website designs. Thus e-stores would dedicate considerable attention to photo content. However, one should opt for original and unique photos over stock photos as much as possible. 2018 would create room for more and more exclusivity. Animation is leading the show in all strata of the web. High grade videos and GIF are treats to the eye while they break the static monotony with movements.

Collapse Of The Hero Header:

Hero headers have always prevailed on web since a long time now. Web designers have fused a hero image on homepages. After all, it’s the first eye contact for users on a website.


Formats like PNG, JPG or even GIF for that matter are fast making way for the quality and accessibility of images. 2018 is expected to witness SVG as the most sought after extension alongside of other web design items. On the one hand, they would be easy to scale while also ensuring no loss of quality. Additionally, the optimal size of SVG files would undoubtedly make it the best format for graphic elements.

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On the software front, Sketch would overrule Photoshop. Sketch is the first choice of web designers with respect to time and ease. Functionally, Sketch would overtake Photoshop and Adobe may have to bear the brunt in 2018 as it might lose a part of its user base.

Professional Social Networks:

No less significant would be the social networks. Web designers would attend to social networks with equal attention. It is believed that Behance and Dribbble would entail more power and authority in 2018 and would beef up brand recognition. The 2017 trends would run along the coming year but of course with a zest of bright ideas and colors.

Anuj MehtaAbout the Author:

Anuj Mehta has 4 years of experience in blogging and digital marketing. He works in Open Source Technologies and has helped numerous brands establish their online niche with his out of the box internet marketing strategies and lead generation capabilities.

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