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Why Customer-Focused Content Should Be A Priority?

Human beings are innately ambitious and even opportunistic. The average person will be skeptical in taking up a new idea until the inventors and innovators have proven that it actually works. Only then will the skeptic come in and try to capitalize.

The only problem is that the skeptics form the majority of the population. When they come into the market with the same product, they are bound to saturate the market and depreciate the value of the commodity on offer. It is just the rule of demand and supply.

This is the phenomenon that has faced the online marketing industry, more so content marketing. The internet is awash with content marketers and their targeted articles; it is now heading to a critical saturation point that has driven some experts to declare it unsustainable. That is a different subject altogether, but the thought of it cannot be ignored.

The “Why”:

1.) The Giants Are Doing It:

However, of critical importance is to know what is actually working in the market today; what will give you an upper hand over the competition. Giants in different industries are slowly but surely shifting from company oriented content marketing to customer-centric content marketing. A great example is Amazon, the e-retailing giant. They have dedicated immense resources to understanding their clients, in spite of the diversity in the cultures of the five continents they operate in. They have modeled their services and marketing based on the knowledge of the customer needs and that has seen them grow steadily over the years. So, if the giants are doing it and it is, in fact, working for them, why should you not take it up as well?

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2.) Statistics Back It Up:

There is the common saying that numbers do not lie, and they are saying that customer-centric content marketing is superior to company-based content marketing strategy with respect to results. Research has shown that customer-centric marketing firms post 60% more profitability than companies that are not. Every strategy that a company adopts, be it in marketing or hiring is anchored on data and information. Any reliable information, in turn, is based on research. Now, if the market has been surveyed and the results are in favor of customer-centric content marketing, do you need any more convincing to make the winning strategy your strategy?

3.) Great Brands Are Anchored On Relationships:

There are social media and technology in all fields today and these are all one thing to every company looking to grow its clientele: marketing channels. This means that every client that you are eyeing is receiving probably hundreds of marketing messages daily. Consequently, even if they do buy from you once, the switch to another brand is effortless. Therefore, if you are trying to grow a formidable brand, it will be anchored on the loyalty of your customers in these treacherous times.

Most of the decisions that people make, whether it is where to live or what to wear, are based on emotions and instincts to a great extent. So if you are trying to get someone to buy from you, you need to tap into this side of humanity. One easy and sure way of doing that is by making them feel that you understand them and that you are at their service. This way they will have no second thoughts about your products. You can only achieve this using content that is completely focused on them and depicts you only as a facilitator to the improvement of their lives.


The “How”: Creating Customer-Centric Content:

So you now understand that it is essential to have a customer-centric content marketing strategy. The next logical question is, how exactly do you go about prioritizing and creating such content and enjoy the improved results? Read on.

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1.) Learn Your Clients:

There are many ways to improve traffic to your blog but all of them have one thing in common, they are anchored on your knowledge of the target market. This rings even truer if you are trying to create content that is centered on the clients because how can you cater, or even seem to cater to needs that you are not aware of? That is why you must endeavor to learn the personalities of your clients. Create profiles for them so that you know what their attitudes, beliefs, and interests. The information that you have on them should reveal the following characteristics at the very least:

  • Needs: what are they looking for and how do they expect it delivered.
  • Goals: What problems do they expect to be solved to facilitate achievement of their best possible lifestyles
  • Pain points: what causes them to be indecisive before making a decision
  • Personality types: ways you can explain their behaviors.

You have social media on your side and it can provide all the required data whose analysis will provide the answers to these questions.

2.) Educate The Clientele:

Armed with the knowledge of your clients’ needs, seek to create awareness of better products that they can use to better their lives. Obviously, this is where you would bring in the products you are offering and how they can add value in their lives. Endeavor to depict your brand in a positive light because you can be sure that the competition will be doing the same. One way in which you can get an advantage over your competition is by providing, not just new products to use, but also new ways to use the products. For instance, you can teach new recipes that leave foods richer in content if you are in that market. In so doing, you appear to have the clients’ interests at heart.

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3.) Be Empathetic Towards the Clients:

People forget words and deeds, but they never forget the impact you have on their feelings. The only way to gain an upper hand in dealing with your clients is by capitalizing on their humanity. Ensure that every single article they read on your site evokes strong emotions in them. Put out content that they can relate with, content that reminds them of their life stories and shows that you understand them and only intend to give them better experiences, or bringing back the good times to them. This can be achieved not just with the message, but with the delivery of the message. Use a sensitive, friendly, and caring tone and Emoticons that may relate to. That is the gateway to building a strong relationship with them

4.) Celebrate Your Clients:

Yet again, the human emotions take center stage in your efforts. People are egotistical and they feel better where they feel important. What better way to make your clients feel important than to actually send out a message telling them exactly that? Tell them they are the reason you exist and it will not matter whether it is just an email or a short video message, its significance will ripple through to your results.

About the Author:

Laura Callisen is a young and enthusiastic writer, professional journalist and guest contributor. Today she works as a freelance writer for Essays Solutions.

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