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7 Most Essential WordPress Security Plugins

Wordpress is the most popular blogging platform for online users. Millions of users use WordPress as a content management system tool. Unfortunately but hackers are also active on this platform to steal the information of users.

With WordPress security plugins, you can reduce the chances of hacking and give a tough time to hackers. In this post, we will share essential WordPress security plugins that will help you to protect your blog and website from hacking. Here are seven most essential WordPress security plugins.

1.) WordFence:

WordFence is a popular WordPress security plugins that will enable you to check your website for malware infection on a regular interval. It will scan all your files that are active in the background of your blog including core, theme and other plugins.

In case, it will find any kind of malware, it will take immediate action to turn it down and also notify you. In other words, this application will make your website and blog 50 times faster and secure. This plugin will also allow you to block traffic from a specific country. And if it finds anything unusual, it will send you instant email and message on your phone.

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2.) Bulletproof Security:

This is another popular WordPress security plugin that secure users websites and blogs with multiple options. Bulletproof Security will add firewall security, database security, login security and much more in your website dashboard. Its login security feature will be limited failed login attempts and blocks the IP of the hacker.

In addition, it will automatically monitor your blog core files, themes, and plugins to protect it from all security threats elements. You can also use its premium version to get advanced features to strengthen the security system of your website or blog.

3.) Sucuri Security:

It is a powerful security plugin for WordPress users. This plugin offers extensive security features like background activity auditing, file monitoring, malware scanning, blacklist IP blocking, and security firewall. It works with popular security application to protect your website including Google, Norton, McAfee and etc. If it finds anything wrong, it will notify you instantly via email. It will also facilitate you with a team of experts via premium account.


4.) IThemes Security:

IThemes Security is also an effective WordPress security plugin which offer more than 30 proactive techniques to protect your website and blog. This superb app will stop automated attacks and protect your website from most common security risk.

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In addition, it tracks users’ activity round the clock and facilitates you with two-factor authentication, as well as import/export settings, and etc. It will also scan your website on a timely interval and prevents hacking via banning the suspicious IP addresses. Moreover, it will also notify you to change the password on a regular interval to give tough time to hackers.

5.) Acunetix Security:

Acunetix Security is a proactive WordPress security plugin created by Acunetix. The Acunetix is a renowned company in developing web application security. It offers great security options to secure your website and blog from different kind of malware.

Additionally, it will also facilitate you with a database backup tool to protect your website. This smart app also provides live traffic monitor tool, so that you can access traffic activities in the real time.

6.) 6Scan Security:

6Scan Security is a popular automatic malware protection plugin for WordPress website and blogs. This app will keep your website and blog security system up to date to protect your website from hackers.

Furthermore, if it finds any malware element in your website or blog so it will automatically block it and quickly fix its related issues. And, it will also send you email notifications if it finds any serious malware related issue in your website.

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7.) All In One WP Security & Firewall:

It is a user-friendly WordPress security and firewall plugin. It facilitates users with some extra security and firewall options to protect your website or blog without slowing it down. Believe it or not, this powerful security system will take your website security to the next new level.

It will also reduce security risk and malware attacks by implementing the latest WP security practices and techniques.

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