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6 Java Applications Web Hosting Provider You Need To Check Now

Once you’ve developed your Java-based website, you need a good web hosting provider. Java hosting requires a scalable server such as Servlets, XML, EJB and JSP. This is a step above hosting platforms that just offer Java support (of which there are many). A web hosting provider should be easy to use, compatible and capable of running programs smoothly.

Given that Java is the perhaps world’s most preferred language, most hosting platforms today will host Java. But Java applications need providers that are scalable, growing with you. A good platform will provide multiple Java-oriented services.

We used multiple criteria to pick our top contenders for hosting Java applications — installation processes, pricing, Tomcat versions and more.



Powered by the cloud, it offers a range of services. These include shared, VPS and WordPress hosting. It has top-of-the-range hardware that boasts of SSD drives that gives you impressive speed. It offers multiple language support, including Ruby, PHP and Perl. Other benefits include excellent back-up options and instant site transfers. It also wins points for its scalability and impressive support system.

A2 Hosting:

Rich with features and fast paced, A2 Hosting is also affordable. It features a 20 GB disk space with 512 MB RAM. The free SSD means impressive speeds. Other products include cloud, dedicated server, shared hosting, VPS server and reseller hosting. Offers both managed and unmanaged web hosting packages.

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Among the top affordable options, iPage offers great service at pretty low costs. It has a number of shared features, which makes it pretty easy to use. This is also why it is a favourite among first timers. This is an easy to navigate and use platform, which has an excellent security system in place. As a bonus it also helps you sell yourself on social media!


With a history of close to two decades, BlueHost has proven itself to be a world-class reliable and affordable platform. Apart from VPS and cloud, it has Linux, Windows and WordPress hosting. Some of its most attractive features include a number of unlimited benefits, such as unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, unlimited email addresses and unlimited server space. It  guarantees 99.9% hosting uptime. In India it offers multiple packages according to requirements and, best of all, boasts of Indian servers.


It offers great benefits at very affordable price — some of the best in the market. Bandwidth, unlimited disk space and emails gives it a good scalability. But what makes it special is its feature-rich facility which is easy to set up and use. Combined with its affordability, it is another favourite among first timers. The excellent support system is another of its pluses.

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It offers a range of shared hosting packages, dedicated servers, VPS and cloud. With customisation for applications and websites, it gives developers better flexibility and control. Available on both Linux and Windows, it offers a number of packages that can meet virtually every budget requirement — from bloggers to corporates.

Johnny MorganAbout the Author:

Johnny Morgan is a professional java developer who has vast experience in developing a web application in less can hire him as java programmers. He is work with Aegis Infoways., a leading firm in the field of java development.

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