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Learn How To Monetize Your Blog To Earn Online?

You may be having a blog that records over 10,000 visitors, but just wondering how you can earn revenue from it. Well, this is a question many people have asked and received answers depending on their level of professionalism in the blogging industry. What you must understand is that you have invested both your efforts and money trying to come up with that particular blog and therefore it will be useless if you do not make something substantial out of it.

According to our analysis at Adsy, people with blogs that record less than 1,000 visitors daily may find it a daunting task making any considerable amount of money. Just like in any other business, one must pass through different stages to get to the helm in the blogging arena. Thus, a blog that has been in operation for many years will definitely generate more revenue as compared to a newly set one.

Sincerely speaking, it requires time for you to start earning from your blog. Yes, no success comes on a silver platter and therefore you must be prepared to work constantly hard and wait. The best thing is to discover your position and start working right from there. Getting traffic on your blog has no shortcuts.

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We do understand how much your family depends on your blog for their survival. We do care and in this article we are going to identify some of great ways you can use to start generating revenue from your blog. Let’s look at these 4:


Providing Coaching To Inspired Readers:

Coaching gives you an opportunity to start earning money without any big hassles. Thus, you may decide to provide your prospects and users a direct link to services or products in your niche. Annually, the coaching industry records to the tune of $2 billion (Disc Insights). TheBlogMaven founder, Jenny Elliot, earns $397 from her one-to-one in-depth blogging coaching conference. No matter the experience you have in the blogging industry, providing coaching services to your esteemed customers is a great way to make money.

Joining On-Demand Freelance Blogging:

Being a blogger, you must be having the required skills in the on-demand freelance blogosphere. Currently, millions of people are making fortunes through freelance blogging. There are businesses out there searching for people with relevant blogging skills. You can change your financial status by simply joining the freelance blogging fraternity.

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As freelancer writer, you will be charged with the responsibilty to create content on various subjects for emails, websites and landing pages among others and get paid in return. On the other hand, as a freelance blogger, your skills will revolve around finding the right audience for a certain blog as well as developing spurring content to trigger their action. Considering that B2B and B2C companies are progressively using content as tool to lure leads and foster a dedicated audience, many people going this direction are likely to earn even higher income from their efforts in the coming days.

Creating And Selling Online Courses:

Yet, this is one of the greatest ways of monetizing your blog. If you have a blog that records less than 1,000 visitors daily, then this method is designed for you. To make money from your first online course, you do not necessarily require a huge amount of leads or clients. Begin from where you are and get moving. What you need is finding out what your visitors want and coming up with a course for them. If it doesn’t prove great, do not relent and avoid giving excuses. Figure out how you can improve and keep going.

4.) Create Kindle Books And Make Money:

Grab the great opportunity Amazon offers and start creating short eBooks. Statistics indicate that revenue from eBook sales in the US is constantly growing. This trend is likely to continue considering the availability of compatible mobile devices people can use to read eBooks. Records also reveal that of all eBook booklovers, 47% use Amazon Kindle.

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Bottom Line:

Making money from your blog requires commitment and persistence. Looking at the various methods highlighted here, you have no option but to pick what suits your blogging skills and start making thousands of dollars from your blog.

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