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5 Best Practices For Successful iOS Game Development

With iOS games being counting for more than half of download in the App Store, one thing is assured that these games will never go out of business. So, make most of it and start creating exciting games for others. The best thing is that these games can bring you lots of customers and business.

But it is possible only if you craft high-grade and engaging games. This post tells you some amazing tips and tricks outlined by iOS 8 developer to craft really awesome games.

1.) Divide Gameplay Into Sections:

Before you begin with the development process, you need to carefully plan the game mechanics and game content. The game mechanics include the control of characters, behaviors of enemies, and more, while the game content is related to different sorts of levels of your game.

Might be you have 10 to 100 levels of game mechanics with their own textures, landscapes, and objects to excite the player. But the game mechanics will be the same for each location. To craft exceptional apps, you must code the game mechanics but not the game content. If your game is complex and rich, it is best to split it into gameplay files and resource files that will include different game animations, objects, and positions.

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2.) Incorporate Time-Based Actions With A Timer:

A concept known as update loop is a way to orchestrate the game actions. It functions like a timer that establishes how often the game is rendered to screen. Usually, such games are rendered 60 frames each second. But if your game is complex, then the global rendering speed can reduce the speed of mobile games.

To combat this issue use the timer offered by your game engine and avoids using your own timer. If in case you wish to add your own specifically-timed actions, incorporate them with an internal timer.


3.) Control Consumption Of Memory:

Further, make sure your app does not consume the entire memory of your user’s device. You must make sure that use of memory can be restricted in distinct ways on the iPads and iPods. In order to reduce the memory consumption, it is best to avoid using png loading function of the GLSprite Demo from Apple. This tool uses lots of memory and cache images that will slow down the game performance.

Moreover, you have to think about the future aspects of an iOS-based game. Make sure you crop the sprites accurately and tightly.

4.) Avoid Considering Third-Party Libraries:

Most of the times, developers prefer using a simple path for game development, one which holds the least resistance and can easily build games around third-party libraries. But being an ios 8 developers you have to be an expert. Hence, avoid integrating third-party apps into your game that are meant to be used on iPhones and iPads.

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This will also ensure that you are able to feature your app on the App Store.

5.) Select The Best Platform For App Development:

You can boost the overall workflow of your app by selecting appropriate development software. Out there are multiple softwares available. You must focus on the creative aspect of your app and select a platform that can help you enhance game animation, genre, and user input solutions.

Some of the popular development platforms are GameMaker, LiveCode, and Stencyl. Such platforms are great for Android and iOS game development. Such platforms offer all essential tools for efficient game building, exporting tools, and using drag and drop interface. Even, some of the games build by these platforms are sponsored by leading publishers. Also, you can use numerous widgets, libraries, and extensions provided by these platforms to boost your development process.

Bonus Tip!

Finally, you don’t have to develop the game in a difficult way. There are numerous frameworks, game engines, and tools available that can make iOS game development effortless and fun. You can use them in order to craft high-performing gaming apps. iTorque, Unity Mobile, Sparrow, and Unreal Development Kit are some of such tools.

Now, you know how you can make your iOS game development easy and neat. So, start creating stunning apps to deliver an adventure packed experience to your customers.

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Wait no more as there is lots of excitement ahead waiting for you!

Code WilsonAbout the Author:

Code Wilson is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by iOS 8 Developers Services. I would love to share thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.

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