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Marketing Errors To Avoid When Having Moms As Your Target Market

Marketing can always be tricky. It is challenging, and it requires good strategy, so as to target the right audience. Mistakes at this point where the business is just beginning to strategize their marketing can prove to spell the either the success or failure of the product. In this case, when a particular enterprise market to moms, there could be several mistakes that a business might commit. Here are some of them.

These errors may lead to worse scenarios like being slapped with bad reviews or even getting no sale at all. Now, if you are a business owner who considers marketing to moms or a company who markets to moms exclusively, here’s few marketing mistakes you can avoid.

Avoid Getting Too Pushy On Your Sales Tactics:

Despite with the common notion believed by some businesses, mothers are often well aware of the products and services that best suits for their every need. If a mother doesn’t seem to be interested in the product or service, it may be because either she already has a better solution or an alternative for that particular product or service.

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Trying to get too pushy may only come out as a negative act. The mother may get pressured into the sale, making her avoid it. Thus, the upfront solution is to think of ideas to make parents feel they are not compelled in the midst of sales, like openly allowing her to say yes or no to your offer.

Certainly, it is necessary to try constantly to think of better solutions that are beneficial for a mother.


Never Resort Into Clingy Sales:

Parents refer clingy sales tactics when a salesperson does not take hints. Example, if you are trying to sell a product and then she said no but still, you would continue and pursue to get the sale.

Most mothers at home can take a phone call, but sometimes, they may get occupied with things where they cannot take the salesperson’s call.

However, it is unfortunate to think that most businesses try to pressure a person to be on the line. Technically, the initial thought is that if the salesperson would continue to badger the mother, she will then eventually agree to the sale. Most call this as a clingy sales tactics.

However, this seems to be an ineffective strategy. Most enterprise who resort to this kind of tactic is left with bad reviews from mothers who are only trying to neglect the phone due to an instance that outweighs the call for a sale of your company.

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Recognize Mom’s’ Needs And Pressures:

Most often, businesses would hire a lead generator, inbound and outbound sales professionals who continually try to push the sales hardly to get a deal in any way possible. It is a strong tactic if and only if a business is dealing with B2B or business to business transaction. However, when considering moms as your target market, this is isn’t going to work.

The most efficient way to handle a sale with moms is to recognize every angle of their needs and pressures. It will mainly allow you to determine what services or products they need; this will also make them not to feel pressured by the sale.

Final Thoughts:

Again, urging moms in the midst of sales isn’t going to help. Technically, the more you tend to force her to push the deal, the more likely she will lose interest on it. Moms have special needs and pressures that every business must consider. They already have so much in their hands that a pushy deal will just make the situation worse for them. Customers can recognize a good product when they see one. Moms, for instance, have a good instinct in judging whether a product is reliable or not. There is no need to do a hard sell on them because if your product is already excellent, they’ll be the ones lining up for you and not the other way around.

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A reliable business has equal products that are of quality. Marketing will only be the second in line to the strategy and it won’t be as difficult if you can ensure the customers that they will be happy with what you have to offer. Hopefully, the ideas mentioned in this article may be able to help entrepreneurs in their endeavors with marketing to moms.

Nicolas FinetAbout the Author:Nicolas Finet is the co-founder of Sortlist: an internet marketing service which lead him out of “business engineer” and into a life as an web entrepreneur.

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