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Is Your Website Or Blog Lacking Considerable Traffic?

The online retail space is becoming more competitive each day. Only eCommerce stores that can keep up with the changing trends will stay ahead of the competition. It’s important that you quickly adapt to the trendy UI/UX designs or you lose potential customers.

According to market research, you can lose up to 38% of online shoppers if you have an unattractive website. Every business should aim at delivering a clean, mobile-friendly, and easy to navigate site to increase conversions and sales.

User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are of critical importance to eCommerce site owners. More than ever, customers are demanding satisfaction and more personalized experience when shopping.

So, what UI/UX trends will increase the success of your eCommerce store? Here are the top 5 trends you need to implement right now.

1.) Mobile-Friendly Design:

It’s obvious that mobile shopping is on an upward trend. Market research projects that mobile commerce will contribute 72.9% of online sales by 2021. The message is clear to online store owners. Having a mobile-friendly design is key to the success of your business.

Your website should not just be easy to use on desktop computers. It should be responsive and easy to use on an eCommerce mobile app too. Your potential customers need to be able to easily browse through products and check out smoothly.

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Integrating your site with the growing mobile payment will make it more appealing to customers. Mobile payments are unstoppable and you can only take advantage of it to improve convenience and make more sales.

2.) Simpler Navigation And Accessibility:

Online shoppers want to find products and checkout easily and quickly. A navigable website makes online shopping experience better. And satisfied customers are more likely to come back or refer to friends.

Any website design should offer simple navigation. It should allow customers to pick products easily by taping, clicking, and swiping.

The latest UX design is focused on improving accessibility. Enhancing accessibility entails making the site usable for a wide range of shoppers, including those with speech, visual, auditory, motor, or cognitive disabilities. Designing your website with accessibility in mind will enable you to offer users personalized shopping experience.


3.) Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Machine Learning (ML):

Today, you can’t talk about innovative UI design for online stores without AI or ML. Delivering a personalized shopping experience is possible when you make use of these technologies. They are effective in identifying and predicting customer behaviors. This makes offering suggestions based on customer’s activities possible.

The leading eCommerce sites are already using AI and ML to recommend suitable products to customers based on their behaviors.

Chatbots are the most popular form of AI for eCommerce websites that is trendy. It is estimated that more than 80% of businesses will use chatbots this year. Chatbots enhance your interaction with customers by improving communication. They are quick and are available around the clock to answer customer queries and give shoppers suggestions.

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Chatbots are shifting from just offering customer service. Advanced chatbots are integrated with the website to offer better interactions and increase sales. They have analyzing capabilities and can precisely predict what customers want based on their user data.

4.) 3D Graphics And Animation:

The competition among online stores is ever intensifying. It’s important for your business to offer products in a consistent, clear, and appealing way. Your choice of graphics matters a lot, just as usability.

One of the ways of making your products more appealing and stand out is using animation and 3D graphics. AR, VR, and 360-degree viewing enable customers to have a better view of the products.

The animation is another great UI design that makes the site more appealing. You can make use of WordPress themes to offer an intuitive, responsive, and easy to use the system. Adding animated content on the website makes it more lively and improves conversion.

5.) Visual Storytelling

Effective visual storytelling won’t just make your products more appealing; it makes your business stand out. Most online shoppers nowadays are busy reading about your product features. Visual stories can help you convey the message while enhancing user experience.

Great stories can be just about anything from your products to your company. If presented in the right way, they build an emotional connection between your business and your customers. It establishes loyalty and can improve sales.

A good story that resonates with your target audience and efficient web design is a great way to attract attention without overwhelming your visitors. Make sure to keep it simple but still engaging. A single image with a few words can be enough to tell your story.

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As the world population is crossing to 8 billion and technology is advancing every day, businesses are shifting online. The opportunity in the online marketplace is still huge with a number of digital buyers on the rise. As an eCommerce site owner, your goal is to optimize your site to attract and retain buyers.

If your website is not up to date with the latest UI/UX designs then you may be losing potential customers to your competitors. Make use of the above designs to make your brand appealing to your visitors. Remember, you need to give them reasons to shop with you and not buy anywhere else.

It’s up to you to decide which trend to follow. You can do more research to find out which designs are relevant to your business. When designing your website, always be keen to detail. Don’t leave out anything that could improve the customer experience while keeping everything simple.

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