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5 Social Media Tips That Will Improve Your Marketing

The first place in the world in terms of time spent in free time is occupied by social networks users. Women are the fastest growing segment of social network users (take note of those whose target audience is precisely the female half of the population). More than 50% of companies worldwide are using social media to promote their brand.

Promotion in the social networks, or SMM (social media marketing) – a new and popular method of online marketing. With SMM you get the opportunity to work at the site, where is your target audience and influence it for free or in some cases almost for free.

Openness is the distinguishing feature of the methods of promotion in social networks. We are interested in real people who really like to read our posts and who can turn from subscribers into customers.

5 Tips For SMM-Promotion:

1.) Use Social Networks To Interact With Email-Subscribers:

Many are trying to use social media to get the leads. But few business owners use social media to build long-term relationships with subscribers. If you do not want to send emails to subscribers, but you want to communicate with them – use the social network.

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Add auto-subscription to the letter, inviting to follow you on Facebook or Pinterest. Be sure to include why your subscribers should be interested in your services/product/page etc. Do you have exclusive promotions and contests on your page? Have exclusive of funny information? Include these subtleties into the email, it will allow users to understand your value on social networks. Lots of companies dealing with diverse services like research paper services, flower shipping etc, are registered in social networks and use emails to spread their popularity.

2.) Combine Marketing Channels:

Use all marketing channels: SEO, social media, contextual advertising, remarketing. Some of them work on awareness, others – on sale. Therefore, combine channels.


3.) Create A Company Page On LinkedIn:

Company page in LinkedIn is not only a great way for branding, but also a good platform to reach the target market. Using targeting, you can broadcast messages to audiences from different spheres of life (medicine, finance or law). You can create a clickable banner to entice users to visit your website, landing page or pages in other social networks.

4.) Identify Results:

The purpose of any business is to achieve the desired results. There are several major approaches to social media that lead to different results:

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Handling the brand: Monitor all channels and respond when needed.
Building the community: Identify your brand advocates, fans who like your product / service, develop community.
Expanding the influence: Find influential people in your industry and make them guide your ideas. Reputation and development of the project management.
A surge of interest: The most creative campaign that will attract attention to the brand during a certain amount of time.

Build a strategy based on these approaches.

5.) Build Relationships With Your Audience:

Carry the online communication in offline. This will make the relationship stronger. Use Google+ “Hangouts” to communicate with colleagues, peers, with all the people who you are interested in. Even virtual communication will help strengthen relationships and give some ideas for cooperation.

Ask Questions:

Ask! When you ask questions, you give permission to users to express their opinions. So you engage the main human desire – the desire to be heard. By asking, you will learn a lot about your business. At the same time, you will receive information about your audience, what she likes and does not like, and you can build a deeper relationship with users.


We have tried to tell about the major essential steps that you need to do to start the SMM-campaign. What to do with this information – it’s, of course, up to you, but in the end, we will give you a few tips.

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Do not make your brand page look like a complete advertisement – do not force your subscribers to buy! No one is interested in formulaic slogans and calls to buy. Create a page where people will be interested in red posts and just have fun – and you will get the attention and respect of the audience.

Manage your business reputation. Communicate with members of the group – carry out surveys, respond to comments, and present gifts to the most active ones- all this will draw attention to you and your subscribers will turn into your new grateful customers.

Work with professionals. Not knowing what to do and where to start, consult professionals- they will tell you where to start and how to develop. We wish you good luck in the development of your brand/service and whatever you wish to promote with the help of SMM. Be successful and conquer new horizons!

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