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How To Optimize Your ECommerce Website For Mobile Devices?

Mobile traffic has successfully surpassed the amount of traffic received from desktops. At least, that’s what reliable market reports are saying. According to Google’s announcements, mobile searches have gotten the better of desktop traffic in 2015. And that brings us to a critical discussion. With this ever-increasing importance of mobile traffic, ecommerce owners are finding it imperative to optimize their sites for mobile devices.

The following article will shed some light on how to do that.

Why Is An Unsurpassed Mobile Experience So Necessary?

While launching your ecommerce store, you must never ignore your mobile users. Let’s turn to a few stats, for a better understanding of this aspect. If reliable market stats are anything to go by, almost 57% of shoppers will abandon a mobile website taking more than 3 seconds to load. Therefore, it’s highly important to optimize your ecommerce site for mobile users. That will help you reach out to a wider clientele-base.

Tips For ECommerce Site Optimization:

With innumerable purchasers and potential customers choosing mobile shopping, business owners need to ensure unmatched mobile experiences for them. The following tips will help them perform better mobile optimization, thus ensuring increased sales and more revenues.

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1.) Personalized Experiences:

Most of the mobile shoppers rely on local businesses when it comes to making critical purchases. You can take the cue from this aspect, and personalize your sales offers for them. Use the GPS feature and gain access to your customer’s location. However, you must always do it with their permission.

Getting access to their geographical locations will help you create a perfect shipping plan for each of them.

You can also perform customer segmentation, thus offering welcome coupons to every new consumer.


2.) Lightning Fast Load Time:

Your customers will hate to wait for catching a glimpse of their favorite products. Therefore, it will be imperative to optimize your ecommerce stores, thus ensuring a swift load-time. Some of the crucial steps worth performing here include:

  • Removal of unnecessary terms: Since mobile searchers perform specific searches, you must serve them the most relevant information. Eliminate undesired or unimportant terms from your content, thus enhancing its relevance.
  • HTML localStorage specs: These specifications will help you increase your page’s loading time.
  • Eliminate pop-ups: Eliminating sidebars and pop-ups will prove to be another significant step towards optimizing your ecommerce stores for mobiles.

In a nutshell, you will need to remove every irrelevant object from your page.

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3.) Strong And Bold CTA:

When your customers visit your site for the first time, you simply cannot afford to make poor impressions. Creating a strong and robust Call-to-Action will prove to be highly beneficial. You can also add a shopping cart at the right-hand corner of your mobile page. That will help your customers keep a track of their purchases.

Most importantly, your CTA button should be attractive and capable of captivating the attention of your customers.

4.) Ensure Smooth Navigation:

While browsing through your ecommerce store, your customers should experience hassle-free navigation. Therefore, smooth navigation will emerge as another prime requisite for site optimization.

Concluding Thoughts:

The mobile app market is growing at an impressive rate. Follow these tips and ensure an unsurpassed mobile experience for your target customers.

Mansi RanaAbout the Author:I am Mansi Rana, a digital marketing consultant spends a lot of time to hanging out on internet marketing world such as SEO reseller India, social media optimization, brand reputation, innovative technology and more.

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