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What Is New In WordPress 4.7 And How It Is Helpful For My Site?

The arrival of WordPress 4.7 has definitely raised many eyebrows as it brings many improvements and new features that would expectedly enhance the performance of the websites. Though as of now, we have an only beta version of newly released WordPress 4.7 and the final version may release by end of this year. Here, we are highlighting the new features coming with WordPress 4.7 version. The beta version can be used on staging environment as well as on a computer with the help of WordPress Beta Tester plugin.

As it is the release of beta version, there is no expectation for more enhancements to be introduced or new feature to come once the final version is released. Though it is expected that few features available in beta version would not be there untill final release.

Twenty Seventeen – New WordPress Default Theme:

The release of the new WordPress 4.7 version is going to be the last big release of the year – 2016. Just like a tradition, this time again, a fresh default theme for coming year will be released. So, the upcoming default theme Twenty Seventeen is a bit different than other default themes launched earlier. The new theme is more focused on commercial and business-oriented websites than blogs. The theme is coming with a starter content that will help new WordPress users to arrange their websites made on WordPress.

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As of now, this feature of starter content is present on the new websites only; however with time, this theme will hopefully be available for all types of websites that already have content. So, this theme can be used for your blog as well and it accompanies crisp typography, mobile-first responsive approach, and large features pictures.

Support For Video Headers:

A number of premium themes on WordPress are already enabling users to include the video headers. So, the upcoming default theme – Twenty Seventeen is going to be the first-ever launched default theme that supports video header. With this feature, a user can easily upload videos, play videos in MP4 format, and can use Vimeo and YouTube videos just by putting the URL of that video there.

Setup Flow Of Theme:

The new WordPress 4.7 version introduces an enhanced theme as well as setup flow of the site. There is an enhanced customizer that has a better view of installed themes, enhanced setup and easier theme search option.


Live Preview Features Custom CSS:

If you want to include custom CSS in your WordPress theme, then now, with WordPress 4.7 version, it is quite possible. Using theme customizer in WordPress, you can directly add it in your theme. Though the custom CSS would be explicit to the theme which is being previewed.

Language Control By Admin For Users:

Presently, after installing WordPress in any language, a user sees an admin interface that comes in the same language. Though the new version WordPress 4.7 allows users to change this language from the user profile. Thus, any user can choose a preferred language easily here. One thing you should keep in mind is that you have to install languages to allow users to switch to the desired language.

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Thumbnail Previews Coming For PDF Files:

At present, on uploading PDF file, WordPress only displays the icon for the files. But, with a new version, you can add file previews with the help of PDF plugins for WordPress. The new WordPress version is designed to display thumbnail preview for the first page of a PDF file after uploading it to your media library. Moreover, WordPress is also going to show thumbnail previews of attachment page for PDF files.

Editor Improvements:

The most time-consuming part of content creation is when one posts it on the Post editor on WorPress. Although, every new version had introduced improvements and new features to enhance post editor. But, WordPress 4.7 is introducing few subtle yet vital changes to the post editor. The menu of heading and paragraph selector is going to reflect on the top bar. The option for underline is being removed, and horizontal line and strikethrough buttons are also shifted to the bar off the kitchen sink. Now, users of WordPress will see the keyboard shortcuts available at the drop down menus and tooltips.

Other Improvements Coming With WordPress 4.7:

The new updated version enhances vital areas of WordPress Core; however is majorly meant for developers. Check out following features coming among WordPress 4.7 version that would help to enhance the performance of WordPress developers.

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Custom Bulk Actions:

The WordPress developers will be capable of including their custom bulk actions in their listed tables on varied admin screens such as users, comments, posts etc.

Templates For Post Type:

Just like custom page templates, the templates for post type will enable the developers of WordPress theme to include the power to pick templates for different types of posts.

Rest API Endpoints For Content:

Now, the WordPress 4.7 will bring Rest API Endpoints for content.

Locale Switching:

If you find that your website content is showed in a changed locale than the locale you set in your admin area, then new WordPress 4.7 will display a toolbar that is in the same language as the content page.


WordPress 4.7 is all set to introduce a better experience to WordPress community with significant improvements in features. Twenty Seventeen default theme seems to be quite an excitement and hence, it is expected that the new WordPress version will surely rock.

Emma WatsonAbout the Author:Emma is a front-end WordPress developer for WordSuccor Ltd., a reputed WordPress Web Development Company. She is an admirer of sharing her innovative ideas with others on the web related to new web design and development technology trends. If you are about to find WordPress coder for hire Emma can prove to be your right choice.

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