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Top Resource To Brush Up Your ReactJS Skills

App development is one of the hottest trends today. No matter if you want to order food, groceries, or any service, there is an app for it on the web. As per stats, the app development market will reach USD 1039.89 billion by 2027. So, if you have an application idea, now would be the time to bring it to life.

As there can be many enthusiasts like you, it is imperative to stay unique. The aspect that makes an app outstanding is its interface. There are around 52% of people do not return to a website or app just because its aesthetics are not good. So, it is critical for you to focus on this.

There are numerous tools on the web that can help you build a stunning app interface. One of those tools is ReactJS. ReactJS is an awesome frontend javascript library that enables developers to create state-of-the-art application interfaces. To ensure that you get everything right in your app, you will need resources, and that’s what this article is about!

Why ReactJS?

As described, ReactJS is a brilliant library that backs the UIs of some of the best apps in the world. It is developed and maintained by Facebook. Moreover, thousands of Reactjs developers help in keeping it fresh for the newbies. So, why do apps like Facebook, Instagram, Asana, and Netflix use ReactJS? Here are some of the reasons!

  1. Modular code structure: ReactJS allows you to write modular code (in the form of components). This allows you to reuse the components if required repeatedly in the code. Thus, enhancing productivity.
  2. Virtual DOM: The virtual DOM syncs and memorizes all the recent changes in the UI components and then applies the changes to the real DOM. This boosts the performance of the app.
  3. Easy to maintain and scale: As the code structure of ReactJS is modular, you can easily maintain and scale it.
  4. Custom components: Unlike other libraries, ReactJS allows the developers to write custom components using its syntax extension, JSX.
  5. A wide community of developers: If you are new to ReactJS development services and worried about learning, you don’t have to. A wide community of developers will help you with it.
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Other than these aspects, it offers flexibility, makes the transition easier, and is beneficial for various kinds of projects. ReactJS can be used for:

  • Webs apps that require dynamic page loading
  • Apps with complex UIs.
  • Large scale or enterprise-based applications
  • Progressive web apps (PWAs)

Top ReactJS Resources For Developers!

Learning ReactJS is easy. However, you need the right resources. The internet is flooded with sample articles, videos, and whatnot that claim to train you in the best possible way. However, all of them are not legitimate.

If you are running a Reactjs app development company, you can rely on the following ReactJS resources.


1.) The Official Website Of React:

If you are developing an app using ReactJS, the very first location where you should go for assistance is the React official website. Rather than searching for alternate sources, go to

The website has a simple design where you can find a lot of useful information in various tabs. You can go to docs, tutorials, blogs, and community tabs to learn anything you want.

The docs tab has everything you need, such as instructions about installation, concepts, guides, API references, and more!

The tutorial page is a bit lengthy but is the most important one. It contains every bit of information that you need for coding. So, don’t miss it!

In short, the website is a treasure trove of knowledge for the developers of any level of expertise.

2.) GitHub:

GitHub is a place where you and various other developers from around the world can host their code. All the developers of a project can collaborate together and work on the same code simultaneously. The best thing about GitHub is that it teaches you about all the essential things like repositories, commits, and more.

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As GitHub is meant for the developers of all frameworks, libraries, etc., you may have to search for a React developer-specific repository. Once you get it, it will be a cakewalk for you as you can see coding done by other developers and learn from it.

You can even add questions on GitHub to get your queries resolved.

3.) Reactiflux:

It is a React community on Discord where you can chat and have voice conversations with the other developers. The community is not that big, but if you have any queries regarding anything related to the library, you can post them there.

The website houses various modules for learning and also hosts monthly Q&A sessions with professionals in the field. You can join Reactiflux by joining their Discord channel or visiting their website for articles, tutorials, and other ReactJS resources.

4.) StackOverflow:

When it comes to queries related to programming, StackOverflow ranks at the top. It is a simple yet elegant question/answer website specifically designed for new and experienced programmers. Not only ReactJS but programmers of other languages can also post questions to get answers here.

As compared to other resources, this one is preferred more as you don’t have to search much for getting answers.

5.) Treehouse:

Just like other platforms, Treehouse is a reputed online website that empowers newbies to be proficient at ReactJS. Although it has many other courses to offer you. If you are looking for the best ReactJS tutorials, you can leverage this resource.

Treehouse comes with a free trial of 7-days. In this period, you can check how good it is for you. If you like, you can get the subscription and carry on learning.

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6.) Cabin:

Cabin is a utilitarian mobile app that lets you learn how to make an app with its interactive video tutorials. The app features around 7 highly comprehensive tutorials that explain the use of React and Redux. It nurtures you with knowledge related to Mapbox, Keen analytics, Algolia, and many other APIs.

For the developers of a Reactjs web development company, Cabin can be a great and handy learning resource.

7.) Awesome React:

If you are more into videos and playlists, then Awesome React is the ideal spot for you. The online portal has a lot for you to develop and brush up on your skills. You can get videos about various concepts, playlists from experts, and even conferences to attend online.

Core Skills For ReactJS Developers!

So, these were the resources for learning ReactJS. If you want to hire dedicated ReactJS developers, you need to ensure that they are aware of these resources. Moreover, it is equally necessary to check if they possess knowledge about some core ReactJS skills.

Here are some of the core skills required in a developer!

  • JSX Extension
  • The fundamentals of Javascript like variables and scoping, array methods, DOM manipulation, etc.
  • Node and npm
  • Redux
  • HTML and CSS

The market is populated with tools like React. Angular is one such tool that stands proud in terms of performance. You can go for it but only after comparing React and Angular. As React is ranked on top by StackOverflow, it is best to go for it in terms of UI development. Moreover, it also has a plethora of resources that make it more favorable.

Mahipalsinh RanaAbout the Author:

Mahipalsinh Rana is a CTO of Inexture, a leading ReactJs development company. He has more than 15 years of experience in software development with a strong focus on mobile app development for all kinds of platforms including iOS and Android. He loves to write and share about technology, startups, entrepreneurship and business.

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