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4 Most Effective Way For Content Promotion

The internet receives millions of new blog posts each day and as a matter of fact out of these millions of posts only a few are able to attract readers and get social shares. All those who go through the content cannot be converted into customers. When the content is really excellent it gets a lot of readers. The quality of the content is indeed very important, but, that alone is not sufficient.

It is now a tough challenge to pull the attention of the readers as a result of the severe competition. One must adopt the most effective ways to promote the content. Those who post the content and simply wait for readers are bound to be disappointed. The successful internet marketers not only create quality content, but devote a considerable amount of time for content promotion also. The techniques to promote the content are to be used every time you publish your content, irrespective of the nature of the content and your past achievements in content promotion.

You can find here a list of the best strategies for aggressive promotion of your content.

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Make The Content Easy-To-Share And Perfectly Structured:

The content that you post must be simple and easy to share. How will you make the content simple and easy to share? You should know about the different types of content that are easy to share. Blog posts that are structured as list posts, infographics and “How to” posts always attract social shares. Length of the content also has an impact on attracting the social shares. The content with not less than 2000 words is able to reach at the top of Google search results. If it is longer, it can attract more social shares. If the headline of the content is really powerful and driving, it will attract more social shares. Social media sharing widgets to social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are to be attached below the headline.


Ensure Your Social Media Posts Get Lots Of Engagement:

When you share your content on the social media, you ensure that they are optimized for engagement such as replies, likes, favorites and shares. Here, the length of your post is a decisive factor. Each social media website has fixed a specific length for posts for attracting the highest engagement. Hence, you should adjust the length accordingly. Hashtags are very important in social media vocabulary. The hashtags ensure more exposure of your content. In Facebook, Twitter and Google+, by using 1 – 2 relevant hashtags, the exposure of your post can be doubled. Addition of suitable images also helps your posts to have more engagement. Visual content has great effect on social networks.

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Facebook Advertising:

Facebook advertising is the most effective method to attract more new readers to your post. Facebook advertising can attract thousands of visitors to your post. When you advertise on Facebook, your ad comes as normal timeline posts that tempt the readers to click them. You need not spend your precious time for other techniques to promote your post and they cannot be so effective also.

Free Exposure Through Forums And Communities:

Your posts can have free exposure by submitting the same to forums that are niche specific and to communities. Eg: Quora, Flipboard, Linkedin Publishing Platform, Quora, Triberr.

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