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How A WordPress Website Can Be Protected From Hackers?

Among all available CMSs (Content Management Systems) in the web development world, WordPress is a special one in every aspect. It is the most powerful blogging tool and content management system ever empowering 60 million websites with 23.3% absolute usage. WordPress is user as well as developer-friendly web development platform. You can easily customize and build the web pages of your choice with this feature-rich CMS.

The increasing popularity of WordPress is making it more prone to the attacks of hackers. In fact, hacking a WordPress website is the primary target of the hackers nowadays. They use Brute-force method to know or crack the passwords by testing login combinations. Therefore, security of the WordPress websites has become the main point that need to be emphasized. This post consists of the various steps or tips that help protect your WordPress website from the hackers’ attacks.

Below are those crucial steps or tips to protect WordPress website:-

Username Should Not Be “Admin”:

“Admin” is the default username at the time of building a WordPress website. Most of the owners do not change this username and keep the same forever. So, guessing the username becomes extremely easy for the hackers. Half of their task gets fulfilled, now they have to only find out the password for logging the website.

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Make A Strong Password:

Username and password act as entrance gate for the WordPress websites. Hackers use different methods or even software to find and crack the password of your website. So, be very careful while making a password, it must be strong. Use of a real word or any sequence of number, make your password weak. Never use birth date, name, pet’s name, etc. as your password because they not only make sense, but are also easy for the hackers to guess. To strengthen the password, create illogical sequence of numbers, letters both uppercase & lowercase and symbols.

Update The Website At Regular Intervals:

Always use the latest version of WordPress in order to keep the website up to date. It is because every new version is released with some advanced features regarding security. Non-updated websites are vulnerable to hackers’ attacks and security risk. Upgrade the version, plugins and themes to decrease the chances of getting the website hacked.


Apply Limit On The Login Attempts:

The most common approach used by the hackers is that they use infinite combinations of username and password for your WordPress website, until the real match is found. Due to this reason, Brute-force method has destroyed numerous websites in the year 2013. Install limit login attempts plugin on your WordPress website to give it an extra protection. This plugin assigns a limit on the number of times (any number) you can make attempt to login a WordPress website in one hour.

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Use Of Captcha From Login Perspectives:

Always use Captcha in your WordPress website as it adds one more step in the login process to make it more complex. Under Captcha settings section, enable Captcha for all the operations to increase complexity levels.

Change Login URL Of WordPress Panel:

Changing login URL of WordPress from time to time is a good practice to protect the website from attacks. Install Rename wp-login plugin to change the URL from default wp-admin to something. This plugin is very effective for providing prevention from Brute-force attacks on a WordPress website.

Use Of Security Scanner:

Security Scanner plugin helps to scan WordPress files regularly. This plugin enables to check the WordPress website and checks various security issues, malware, blacklisting, etc. It monitors numerous actions performed on your website and provides security against hackers’ attacks.

Regular Backup:

Regular backup of your WordPress website is a mandatory step that helps to retrieve the lost data. Install Backup plugins like BackupBuddy, BackUpWordPress, etc. to make this task easy.

The hackers’ attacks are increasing day by day and security of the WordPress websites is becoming a must step. The primary emphasis should be on protecting the website malicious attacks. To get assured protection from malware and other security attacks, the above-mentioned steps are highly important.

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