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Online Surfing Habits That Can Harm Your Computer

You may think that having an antivirus turned on will automatically save your computer from online threats, but in fact bad surfing habits can cause much more harm than most users think. It is a common mistake to expect full protection from your antivirus with always-on email, social media and new malware. Here are a few essential tips on how to minimise the negative impact of the WWW.

1.) Careless Use Of Social Media:

According to Huffingtonpost report more than 50% of online adults now use at least two social media sites. 70 % of Facebook community use it every day, this amount is consistently increasing and people become more exposed to social media world.  The number of malware entering computers via social network is mounting accordingly.

People trust social media more than other sites because they are connected with their friends, family and trusted brands. Therefore all information flowing to them via social network is considered harmless by default – that is a misleading feeling.

Today social network creates very auspicious environment for attacks, therefore never share personal information, do not open unknown links or download freeware. Please, take our advice, if your antivirus warns you are being attacked, immediately close the browser and run an antivirus scan.

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2.) Use The Internet For Adult Entertainment?

Not all sites with adult content are malicious, still there are a lot of users who have their computers infected after visiting such sites. Authors of malware are motivated by money and take advantage of people’s frailties.

Though for many people it is not an option to stop visiting pornographic sites. A firewall and antivirus application is the minimum active protection, you should have installed on your computer.  Protect your online privacy as well. Your IP address is your ‘online fingerprint’. Hence change your IP address when you visit certain adult sites for the first time or if you do not trust them.


3.) Online Gaming Risks:

Gaming may sound harmless but malicious individuals may take advantage of the social networks associated with online games that rely on chat, email, or even voice communication to entice you to visit bogus web sites or open email attachments containing malicious software and install this software on your computer.

The following steps will reduce the risk to end up on a malicious site:

  • Play an online game at the same site.
  • Try NOT to operate in “administrator mode”.
  • Verify the authenticity of downloaded files and new software.
  • Use antivirus and antispyware programs.
  • Be cautious about opening files attached to email messages or instant messages.
  • Timely patch your application software.
  • Keep your firewall turned on.
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“I Do Not Need Any Antivirus Software”:

There are still a lot of people who do not have security software. Unless you have profound knowledge of every single file stored on your computer, run regular backups, never install anything from unknown sites and never click on the unknown links…maybe you really need an antivirus less than the majority of people.

Be watchful, deliberately choose websites when performing your online activity, and save yourself a lot of headache with good antivirus plan.

Sofia BilskiAbout the Author:My name is Sofia Bilski. I am currently working at software company and love everything relating to technology. Previously worked at @Henkel as brand manager but decided to switch to IT world. Love music, travelling and sharing fresh ideas about software industry. I like as well writing about internet security and always keep track of security trends.

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4 Responses to “Online Surfing Habits That Can Harm Your Computer”

  1. marketceria says:

    I Do Not Need Any Antivirus Software

    this word is only for professional, for us usual human of course need antivirus..
    we don’t where the threat come from,, just be ready and steady for that by using antivirus software

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