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The Key To Selling And Promoting SEO Services

The Key To Selling And Promoting SEO Services

Despite how people say “it’s dead” or turn right around and say “it’s alive!” — Search Engine Optimization is going to be with us, in one form or another, as long as we rely on search engines for our inquiries.

There are thousands of small businesses making their way to the Web each and every day. This wave of competition drives up the importance of SEO if these businesses wish to rank well for their industry terms and phrases.

So then what about you?

You’re the one offering these services. It also means, like the wealth of clients, you’re also up against thousands of others trying to be #1 for this industry.

Finding The Niche:

There are many different areas of operating online which you can leverage into your SEO services.

For example — instead of a generalized pitch of SEO — your efforts could find direction in:

  • Working with site developers to implement an SEO strategy from the ground-up such as through proper site structure to its navigation, titles, and other important items such as the sales page.
  • Blurring the line between social marketing and SEO by helping clients implement campaigns that not only do well within social platforms like Twitter or Facebook but has lasting effects on rankings such as through link building and brand awareness through social activities.
  • Guest blogging and ghost writing has also become a very viable area of expertise for those exploring the options of an SEO business. Content gets ranked, client gets a link, community is satisfied, and everyone wins.
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Try to find your niche in this expansive world of SEO. You’ll find it easier to rank for those terms and because leads are very specific you can laser focus your marketing and promotional efforts for maximum return on investment.

The Key To Selling And Promoting SEO Services

Lead With An Example:

As noted — there is a lot of competition in search engine optimization — which is why we all need to understand the importance of chasing a niche.

If you want to see one such example of this mindset put into action you could look at a service provided by an SEO company like As you can tell, from the name, they aim to let people buy SEO sales leads. They’re not just providing SEO services to their clients — they’re building up such a large pool of leads that they’ve found a niche within the SEO industry by selling these additional leads.

What can you learn from this?

  • Be very specific when it comes to your service. Find a need in the market (in this case it’s leads) and then put your information out to the interested parties.
  • Set separate tiers for your services. Create categories of your clients based on their income and scale of projects. Offer different sets of services to these specific types. This will allow you to refine your marketing initiatives since client data isn’t one big jumbled mess of analytics.
  • Talk in their language. Don’t get too wrapped up in industry terms unless you’re talking to the real professionals. Create that copy to pique their interest and satisfy their needs.
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The Big Take Away:

If there are two main items worth taking away from this post it then would be these:

  • Focus your business. Go niche. Find quality leads that have expressed interest in your services rather than trying to convince people to open their mind to the idea.
  • Go outside the box. Consider becoming a complimentary service provider to those providing SEO services. Every business can gain from additional help. This may be a way to future-proof your business in this industry.

Put plans into motion. Take action on this information. Refine, refine, refine.

SEO isn’t going anywhere soon. It’s an in-demand service. As long as you can provide quality services to the right people all other aspects of your work will fall in line whether it’s how you’ll focus your marketing initiatives to how you handle the customer support.

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