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Top 10 Smart Ways Technology Will Change By 2025!

Technology is the name of evolution and that does not stick to one specific position and therefore, we come across new technologies every time. If you are curious to find future technologies then this write-up is for you as it reveals some awesome future technologies. Always remember that lots of things will change by 2025 when it comes to technology so stay ready to get the maximum benefits out of them. Those technologies will bring some positive changes in your life and will keep you on a progressive track in your life.

You will also witness lots of technologies, which will keep us away from consuming fossil fuels and that will eventually benefit our environment. Below are technologies, which will really contribute to making your life more comfortable. Make sure you go through all of them as they will help you in both your personal and professional life.

1.) Solar Technology:

In the future solar technology will be the great source of energy on earth. The adoption of solar technology has kicked off and now many countries have started taking measures to entirely transition from using fossil fuels to leverage this safe source of energy. This technology enables us to turn sunlight into electricity whether through photovoltaic or through concentrated solar power.

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2.) The Electric Airplane:

After electric cars, we are about to witness electric airplanes as well so make sure you get ready to experience them in future. They will be lightweight planes consisting of advanced battery technologies. These airplanes will get powered by lithium-ion motors and batteries using superconducting technology. It means that if you have a passion for flying then these lightweight airplanes are for you.

3.) Human Genome Engineering:

It is another technology, we will witness in the medical industry in future. It will pave a way for upgrading disease-carrying genes. Through using this great technology, doctors and scientists will be able to properly upgrade DNA and RNA, which pass on the diseases. This technology will also prevent conditions such as Type 1 Diabetes.

4.) Wireless Communication:

It is a fact that wireless communication will definitely influence our lives by 2025 and that will make our lives more comfortable. From cars to your home appliances, everything will be connected. New technologies will be capable of storing energy and serving as electrodes for delivering you hyper-connectivity.

5.) Delivery Drones:

Delivery of products will become easy in future as these delivery drones will come in action making delivery more effective and safe. Delivery drones will not only be used for delivering generic products, in fact, they will also be used for delivering thing like packages to hospitals.


6.) Hyperloop:

Hyperloop happens to transport people from one city to another and frankly, you will love this new traveling experience. It is another name of great technology, which will inspire you in future. According to some more details, one way trip to Los Angeles from San Francisco on this exciting technology will be no more than just 35 minutes. You must get ready to experience this exciting traveling experience in future.

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7.) Exoskeleton Suits:

If you work at any warehouse so you definitely come across tasks such as lifting heavy objects. The good news for you is that lifting any heavy object will not be an issue for you in future because of these exoskeleton suits. Lifting heavy objects will become very easy with these specific kinds of suits.

8.) Virtual Reality:

The education sector will dramatically evolve in future and technology integration into it will open new opportunities both for students and teachers. You must know that virtual reality will definitely replace textbooks and that will eventually improve learning for students. Google’ Expedition App has started letting students taking trips to many places in VR.

9.) Augmented Reality:

Frankly, people will laugh at you if you keep the smartphone in 2025 as you will witness in future people pulling up screens in AR through any bracelet or any kind of jewelry, making it useless to have a smartphone. If you dig out more so you will find that companies such as Magic Leap are focused on bringing AR into the mainstream.

10.) 3D Printed Houses:

In future, you will be seeing people striving hard to buy 3D printed houses. This new method of building a house will be popular all across the world. China has started investing on it and a company called Winsun has come up with a claim that it has built 10 3D houses. Building a 3D house will not cost you a lot as you will be able to do it in $5,000.

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All these above-mentioned are some prominent technologies, you will witness in future. Getting prepared yourself to use these technologies from now will enable you to get the maximum benefits out of them.

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