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4 Popular Apps That Will Inspire Newbies In iOS Apps Development

Does creating a successful iOS application really requires a lot of experience and heavy marketing strategies? No, not necessarily. For the newbies in app development, it doesn’t matter if you lack enough experience in mobile application realm. All what you need is to set a goal with innovative ideas, hard work, patience and passion for accomplishing the task.

All these can aid you be the best choice if someone is looking forward for the option to Hire iPhone Programmers. There are numerous instances that exemplify the efforts and hard work done by first timers to covert their idea into a real application (who have created a successful app in the very first attempt).

Let’s have a look at few of those applications.

1.) Rare Steak Timer – Developed by George Goldhagen:

This very first application build by George Goldhagen hasn’t incurred any marketing amount and still manages to top with 162 rank. He has created this app just for understanding the frameworks of development and programming. Hence, what stands important is that the developers are required to think of an application to fill the void in the market and think from the user’s perspective to meet their expectations.

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App description: Use this app and cook the perfect steak every time. Integrated with an intuitive timer, this app amazingly guides the user throughout the cooking process. It helps the user depict the exact cooking time on the basis of chosen steak cooking process.

2.) Susan’s Charming Trinkets – Developed by Wendell Beverly:

It was a gift from Wendell Beverly to his wife – Susan, who is an artist by profession. He just wanted to do something for her, while learning programming in iOS. He hasn’t done any marketing for this app except promoting it to the actual customers of Susan (so that, they can stay updated with her schedules).

App description: This free app is specifically designed for Susan’s fans. With this app Susan can easily showcase her artwork to her fans, and it facilitates them to easily follow her, look for her next show details and conveniently contact her via integrated Facebook, Twitter links.


3.) Secret Menu for Starbucks – Developed by Henry D’Andrea:

By learning through tutorials and taking guidance from AppCoda, Henry learns how to get his hands on iOS app development. While surfing through the Internet he came across “Twix Frappuccino”, which is a custom drink that one could make at Starbucks. Then on further research, he found that there are truckloads of secret custom drinks at Starbucks that people can make. From there only, the idea of creating an app “Secret Menu for Starbucks” came into his mind. He hasn’t invested any money in huge marketing campaigns for promoting his app, he has just created a website to support his app and tweeted to spread its awareness among his followers. Being one of its kind in the Apple App Store, this app has got huge popularity and success in the market.

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App description: This premium app allows users to create secret custom drinks at Starbucks. It features more than 200 custom drink combinations that can be made at Starbucks.

4.) Gamebook Companion – Developed by Mark Stoneham:

Mark Stoneham is a 1980s child, who cherish playing his childhood games like Fighting Fantasy – an adventurous gamebooks and this why he created this app. It is his first app and he created this amazing application with a little bit of prior development experience in hand and has gathered assistance from the AppCoda’s tutorials. For marketing his application,

  • he just asked his couple of friends to share it under their website banners,
  • he has created a website to support this app,
  • he has also convinced the famous writer, actor and comedian Charlie Higson (who is also a huge fan of Fighting Fantasy) to tweet about the application.

App Description: Now you can play your fabulous old school games in an improved way on the go! This premium app offers a great way to entertain yourself, you can store your stamina, luck, skills and other equipments in a handy and conveniently accessible layout. It features a dice, and easily accessible “Test Your Luck” button and battle button, named as – “Quick Attack”.

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Wrapping Up:

If you are a beginner or an amateur iOS developer, the building approach and hard work put in by first timer developers in creating these (above mentioned) popular applications will surely inspire you to turn your creative ideas into an active application. Though, they have integrated minimal app promoting strategies, but their efforts and unique ideas have enabled their application to strive for a big hit in the Apple App Store.

Rick BrownAbout the Author:Rick Brown is working as a technical writer with – a leading iPhone App Development Services Provider. Those who are looking forward to avail iPhone App Developers from India, get in touch with her for her best advices.

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