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Good Impressions: 5 Tricks To A More Professional Looking Business

Businesses need to stay updated in the way that they look and with the services that are provided. When you’re trying to obtain a more professional look in the business, consider the customers as you’ll want to provide an atmosphere that is comfortable and enticing. You want customers and employees to walk away each day with a desire to return in the future. 

1.) The First Impression:

Try to focus on the foyer and the exterior office space as this is what customers and employees will see when they arrive at the business. Use inviting colors and decorations that make people want to be in the building. Offer comfortable seating and a few side tables with decorations that give a representation of the business. You should also consider placing a few magazines on the tables for people to read while they are waiting.

2.) Change the Office Furniture:

Your employees need to be comfortable while they work. Invest in desks that have plenty of space for all of the materials that will be needed while working. You also want to get chairs that offer support for the back. There are companies that sell furniture designed specifically for office spaces. Buying from this type of company is a good way to make sure that your furniture is both stylish and functional. Make sure the electrical components of the office work as they should, such as the copy machine and the internet system.


3.) Don’t Be Afraid of Color:

While most offices are better with neutral colors like white or beige, your business might be better off with a few hints of brighter colors. Avoid accepting the colors that were present when you first rented the business space. Try to tie in the colors of the business logo into your office furniture, the decorations on the wall and the paint on the walls. These are details that can have a psychological impact on customers as they will associate those colors with the ones in your branding.

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4.) Reduce the Clutter:

Set up mailboxes for employees. Keep as much information typed and saved as possible without using a lot of files that are in cabinets collecting dust. Go through each box if paperwork that you have to determine if it needs to be saved or if it can be transferred to an electronic file.

5.) Put Yourself First:

Since you’re the business owner, you need to design the building so that your office is on the top floor or in a prominent location where everyone can easily reach you. Use bright colors in your space so that it’s easy to see. Position the desk so that you can easily have conversations with groups while still offering privacy when it’s needed.

Your business is one that you want to see successful. One of the ways that it can be a success is by offering a professional design from the front door to the back of the building. Utilize the products and services that you offer with the decorations and colors used to allow every component to blend together.

Kara MastersonAbout the Author:

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max. Kara works with Evenson Best to help businesses create a more professional look.

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