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Have You Checked Out The Cool LAVA ‘Captain Series’ Mobile Phones?

LAVA Mobile Phones are gaining popularity and company is launching new and cost effective handsets. Recently, the cool LAVA ‘Captain Series’ was launched and it promises to be a great move for the company to attract large customer pool.

Both phones feature some very premium features on an extremely low budget. Priced at Rs. 1150 and 1250(Captain N1 and Captain K1+), the company want to cash in the success of the Indian Cricket Captain M. S. Dhoni (The series is launched as part of the endorsement campaign launched with the Captain Cool).

LAVA Captain N1 – Display, Camera, Battery:

  • This awesome phone features a 4.6 cm screen with a black body modeled on the lines of Nokia Phones. The design aesthetics is sleek and mobile looks good to hold in hand. Pressing buttons requires very soft touch and you can easily type messages with user-friendly keys.
  • The screen display is clear and equipped with vibrant colors. You can easily take out the phone from your pocket and view the screen in direct sunlight or low light.
  • Effectively, the phone has a VGA camera with Flash, video recording, and Zoom feature. The 800 mAh battery is on par with the features of the phone.
  • It has a standard alarm and has an auto call recording feature with folder option. If you want to enjoy music, you can easily plug your headphone inside the 3.5MM Audio jack. Ideally, the phone has a good and decent voice quality keeping the extremely low price.
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LAVA Captain N1 – Multimedia, Internet, Memory:

  • N1 is one of the fewer LAVA Mobile Phones featuring expandable memory of 32GB. So, storing files and documents is very easy on this phone.
  • Phone owners can enjoy wireless FM with Bluetooth and auto call recording feature.
  • The phone is equipped with a multi-lingual support to switch the phone’s language to your native Indian language that helps to communicate in a better way.
  • The phone is pre-loaded with the ‘Fun call’ app which is a cool app that adds a particular fun element to the user experience. You can easily change voices into funny ones during a real phone call. It’s a very cool feature of this amazing budget friendly phone.
  • It has a USB connectivity. Though, it is not known if the phone is a GPRS phone or not because there is no pre-installed browser. As the phone is more targeted towards easy calling, the company decided not to provide the internet facility in this model.


LAVA Captain K1+ – Display, Camera, Battery:

  • K1+ features a compact form factor in the shape of the bar. It is a versatile phone with the dual-SIM
  • Available in Black+Blue, Black+Red, and Black+Brown color, the phone is actually an upgraded version of N1 phone.
  • Many great features like hands-free calling, call history, speed dial, and other important features are part of this amazing pocket-friendly LAVA Smartphone.
  • It also has a 4.6 cm screen with color support of over 262K.
  • The QQVGA(128*160) resolution ensures you can see crystal clear images without any issues. The camera feature is equipped with Zoom and video recording feature similar to N1.
  • It has a much larger battery (1750 mAh) which is amazing. Many GPRS based phones feature this battery size and it is heartening to see a phone featuring such solid battery in this price range.
  • With an extended facility to store up to 1200 contacts, you can easily enjoy the flexibility of adding and managing huge contact list.
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LAVA Captain K1+ – Multimedia, the Internet, Memory:

  • The phone features MP3, MP4, FM Player, and recording feature to enjoy non-stop entertainment keeping the large battery in mind and 32GB storage.
  • Though, there is no internet connectivity in this phone. However, you can enjoy Bluetooth services on this amazing phone.


  • The phone is suitable for senior citizens, bachelor’s, and students.
  • Many individual entrepreneurs can also buy this phone so that they can easily do frequent calling while keeping their Smartphone for browsing data or do Whatsapp easily.
  • As it does not require instant charging, these phones have a mass appeal and are definitely going to compete with other Smartphone in the same range.
  • These LAVA phones are endorsed by the nation’s hero MS Dhoni and are expected to create a strong buzz in the coming months.
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