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How To Transfer Text Messages From Android To Computer?

To most of Android users, transferring text messages from mobile to computer is considered as common thing in mobile phone daily usages. But Google executive chairman Erich Schmidt took announcement that migrating data between mobile and computer is not common. Furthermore, he had statement on teaching users how to “detection” the data transferring. In this case, users need to adopt the useful transferring tool.

Most of experienced users have strongly recommended Coolmuster Android Assistant with its good quality and high security. In additional, it can help users effectively transfer data from Android phone to computer.


There are many users who are considering that this program is the best data transferring software in the world so far. The latest survey shows that Coolmuster Android Assistant market share up to 80% all over the world. It is very practical program in daily life when certain sentimental value text messages are lost. For every Android user, backup and transferring skills of using third party software are same important for users to obtain.

Although transferring text message is basic technique of Coolmuster Android Assistant, the related functions are conductive to the users. For example, the type of transferring that including group, selected group and individual, the format of messages that also can be selected by manually, and the location of the folders can help users make the folders as nice as possible.


As Coolmuster Android Assistant is based on computer side software, users have to unzip the files and download it from internet before running it on the computer and then install it. The good news is that it does not need to reboot computer after download and installation. So, it can be put in use directly to connect Android mobile to the computer by USB cable. The whole processing from unzipping to installation takes only a few seconds. Users will find the text message transfer interface in the mobile. Here is the guide on how to transfer text messages from Android to computer without any loss.

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The next step is that, according to the mobile screen list shown, users can select the respective text messages that they are going to export from mobile to computer. If the “Backup text messages” in the menu are selected, it means that messages will be saved in Android phone. But the volume of messages is limited by certain pieces according to the registered code. As long as the correct register account can be provided, the transferring processing will be lunched immediately.

In practical, the speed of transferring is amazing. The transferring format is usually in .db. Actually, the description above has briefly indicated the processing of transferring. There are more details and interesting functions for users to exploring in this program. For example, users have to build up one or more files for collect the targeted files and for further edition if needed before exporting text message from Android phone. Same actions as exporting, users can create new files in mobile phone before importing data from computer so as to make sure the file can be placed properly.

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  1. Junly says:

    This is really a powerful Android app, I used it export all messages, contacts from my Samsung S4 to my computer, easy to use! And it lets me to send messges from PC to my friend’s phone. Recommend!

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    i am read all article from this website and its very useful and valuable. Thank you for sharing nice information so i will share this website with my friends

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