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App Development – Top 11 Features To Always Keep In Mind

Mobile app development is a crucial aspect of many businesses. Mobile apps are a gateway to attain more customers and generate income. App development is a crucial aspect for brands that engage with mobile platforms for business.

57% of all digital media usage comes from mobile apps! Mobile apps are expected to generate $189 billion in revenue by the end of this year.

Users are quickly hooked to the mobile app if the mobile features provide value to them. It is important to provide a positively engaging experience that customers resonate with. There are many aspects of app development to keep in mind while developing an iOS or Android mobile app.

Keep reading and I’ll lay it out.

Impactful Mobile App Development Features

  1. App Development – Feature #1: Support Features
  2. App Development – Feature #2: Incorporating Search Feature
  3. App Development – Feature #3: UI features
  4. App Development – Feature #4: Incorporate Social Media Integration
  5. App Development – Feature #5: User Feedback
  6. App Development – Feature #6: Ability to use app features offline
  7. App Development – Feature #7: Push notifications Features
  8. App Development – Feature #8: Optimized mobile features for different screen sizes
  9. App Development – Feature #9: Security measures in place
  10. App Development – Feature #10: Testing
  11. App Development – Feature #11: Select the right platform
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App Development – Feature #1: Support Features

If the mobile app offers different mobile features that provide hands-free interaction- they will enjoy using the mobile app. Mobile features like voice support and facial recognition authentication are sure to reduce their effort of operating it.

App Development – Feature #2: Incorporating Search Feature

A great mobile app typically has many features and content to browse from. But if the user has a difficult time getting their way around what they are looking for, it would be quite frustrating for them to continue using the app. Incorporate mobile features that provide a handy search bar where users can quickly find the content they are looking for, by using specific keywords.

App Development – Feature #3: UI Features

User Experience is the backbone of any app. When people have a good experience on the app, the conversion rates are higher and they tend to share it with their friends. This means more chances to get the sales up and even higher opportunities to grow the customer base.

This is why UI features should never be ignored. UI deals with many aspects of what customers see first when they open the app from intuitive looks, display, and interactivity of the app. The more efficiently the user-interface is tapped to resonate with the target audience, the better bond is formed with the customers.

Using the right colors for the app is equally important. People react differently to different colors. Colors attract the attention of the users and help increase brand recognition, memory, and participation. Positioning and using them correctly can significantly help increase business sales.

App Development – Feature #4: Incorporate Social Media Integration

Social media is the fuel on which the mobile apps run. Being able to share content with people across different social media platforms is an important aspect of app development. Most mobile apps have cross-platform compatibility to share content with other people who do not use the same app. Seamless social media integration will help achieve higher audience reach.

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App Development – Feature #5: User Feedback

Most of the mobile app users are keen to express their feedback about the app experience. Keeping this aspect in mind during mobile app development is essential. Because adding this mobile feature removes the need for customer support which people usually want to avoid.


App Development – Feature #6: Ability To Use App Features Offline

Having access to the Internet is not possible at all times. Making it possible to use the essential mobile features of the business app in such situations would be beneficial to the user. Developers should add such mobile app development features that allow users to successfully use features offline and also make local data storage possible while ensuring data security.

App Development – Feature #7: Push Notifications Features

People want to be notified about the latest updates, promotions, and so on. The easiest solution to this is enabling push notifications feature. Being less intrusive than other forms of user engagement, it effectively drives traffic and helps the user by providing useful information. Push notifications considerably enhance the customer experience.

It reduces the effort of a customer’s journey in the app. By strategically creating deep links in the push messages that direct the user to a powerful call to action can entice the user to take the necessary step.

App Development – Feature #8: Optimized Mobile Features For Different Screen Sizes

With mobile devices available in all different sizes and shapes, it is necessary to create an intuitive and clean design that is compatible with all devices. It is really important for the app owner to hire experts for mobile app developers who create engaging apps that are optimized to the screen size of various devices used by the people around the world.

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App Development – Feature #9: Security Measures In Place

Security should be of utmost importance during app development. The data within the mobile app would be compromised if effective security measures aren’t implemented during mobile app development.

People don’t want to compromise when it comes to protecting their personal data. Ensuring encryption of personal data along with protective measures against any kind of cyber-attacks, makes customers stay loyal to the brand.

App Development – Feature #10: Testing

Rolling out a mobile app prototype to carry out performance tests before its launch will help dust out the vulnerabilities of the apps. This would make the app development process more efficient as it would allow developers to implement changes before the release that would help cater to better user experience.

App Development – Feature #11: Select The Right Platform

It is advisable to start the deployment of the business app with one platform first. Analyze data on how the target audience responds to the app. In order to decide the best-suited platform for the mobile application, there are certain things to consider like the target audience, app features, and most importantly pricing strategy. After that, it is important to choose the right app development methodology for the business app; Native or Hybrid.

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