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Storytelling Through Web Design: A New Buzzword For 2014

Storytelling through Web Design: A New Buzzword For 2014

The human society is based on the aspects of storytelling. When it comes to telling stories, it is one of the primordial forms of communication on which probably history is made. In the recent times, website designers have inculcated the aspect of storytelling in the business of web making. This article would be focusing on the aspect of storytelling, how it is going to change the subject of website design eventually through the coming years.

The Stories And The Design:

No other thing can help us to store, manage, or communicate other than stories. It is the true nature of the humankind to respond to any content, which explains through a narrative to describe a particular situation. It is with the help of the story, through which, we create cognitive maps and several mental models of the said situation.

So How Story Is Beneficial To Us As A Communicative Tool?

It is the story, which helps simplifying the complex aspects in many ways. Stories are something, which helps in making material aspect of the circumstances more memorable in every possible ways by evoking feelings and emotions. It is storytelling, which helps in the pursuing the audience where facts are unable to be conveyed. This further helps the audience to reach a desired conclusion on their own.

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Moreover, the story help in curtailing the aspects of information overload, which further helps in clearing the path required for reaching the goals.

How Can We Strike A Balance Between Stories And Website Designs?

There are some elements, which a designer has to keep in mind when you are planning to tell a story through website designs. There are certain questions you should ask when you are planning your website based on storytelling. Who are the audiences you are planning to target? What are the main objectives for your site? In addition, the most crucial question of all – Are you clear about the objective of your website?

The point of a good story is to not only tell the audience, but as well show them and keep them engaged. For a website designer, it becomes a responsibility for them to design the website in a familiar structure, which can keep the audience captivated. In this context, the job of the website designer is to capture the audience’s emotion and keep them enthralled with the question – What will happen next?

So, What Are The Ingredients To Unite Website Design And The Aspects Of Storytelling?

When it comes to storytelling through website design, it is not only the content, which matters the most. Content is definitely is an important thing in the aspect of storytelling, but there are several other elements, which is required to convey the meaning on a multiple level. The other elements, which includes Visual and user experience, which is explained quite elaborately through the following lines.

So, What Is Content, Visual And User Experience?

The Content Crafting:

When it comes to developing content for website, you always have to keep in mind that web is a place, which is always non-linear. So, the biggest challenge any website designer would face is to provide the cues for content-orientation and visual cues to link the narrative when they come to the site at any given time. It is these cues, which will help the user to develop the story in their own possible way.

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The Visual Vehicles:

Pictures and imagery is enough to tell half of the story. The proverb says it all – a picture says more than a thousand words. An image in a website does not only enlighten the website, it helps the visitor with the course of narration. Most of the visitor absorbs a significant level of information from the website itself.

Based on the visual aspects the web designer takes the liberty to use the choice of colours, typography, white spaces, illustrations, videos and the other important visual imagery, which helps in building the site.

What They Experience:

Now with the parallax scrolling and the continuous evolving aspect of website designs, storytelling aspect of websites are being enhanced as we speak. With the storytelling factor incorporated with the interactivity of a website, the users are able to navigate through the narrative of the website, which plays a vital role in user experience. It is the site navigation, which helps the visitors to move from one page to another. It is this interactive structure, which guides the visitor through the question — What happens next?

Before I draw the ending line, it is best to mention some of the sites, which has taken the aspects of storytelling to the next level.

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Every Last Drop:

Storytelling through Web Design: A New Buzzword For 2014

‘Every Last Drop’ is an animated website based on Parallax Scrolling, which tells the problem of water consumption through fluid narrative of scrolled down animation. The site portrays a character’s relationship with water in his daily banal life. The total wastage of water has been shown through the best possible way within the website.

Peugeot Hybrid 4:

Storytelling through Web Design: A New Buzzword For 2014

The website for Peugeot Hybrid 4 is an elaborate graphic novel, which is presented through the website. The visitors only have to scroll through several frames of the website, which elaborates a particular scenario from a spy movie. If you are comic — book enthusiast this is a must-see.

Ben the Bodyguard:

Storytelling through Web Design: A New Buzzword For 2014

This website is based on parallax scrolling as well. The site focuses on a security app meant to keep your data safe. The whole animation highlights the troubles of carrying a phone unprotected and how this app is going to save your smart phone.

Before I end this article, it is best to keep some of the things in mind. Whenever you are planning to incorporate a story for your website or an app, it is the pace of the story, which keeps your website stand out from the crowd. Whenever you are incorporating a story, keep in mind that the best story is told when it is told through three levels including content, visuals, and user experience.

About the Author:
Jonson Lee is a professional website designer who is specialized in HTML 5 and PHP programming as well. He is engaged to Visions & Solution, a renowned website design company in Sydney . He is also engaged with writing articles in Website Design, Graphic Design and Logo design.

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