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What Do People Use Their Smartphones For? – In Infographic View

Hundreds of things can be listed down about how smartphones have changed our lives. A few years ago we used to rant when we had look for someone’s phone number in the yellow pages. Thanks to the internet and handy apps that has made the information available and accessible wherever we are in the world. It has now become much easier to access any information anytime and this could be one of the reasons of smartphone revolution.

Life would have been much complicated if we didn’t have those small hand held devices to store chunks of information available today. It’s hard to imagine a whole day without a cellphone and this thought might have scared lots of people. How one device can make such impacts on our lives? Mobile phones came into existence a long ago but those were the smartphones that changed the game completely. The phones were earlier used for calls only and then people learned how to communicate things in just 160 characters, that’s right, texting was added to cellphones to make it more functional. And after a few years mobile technology took a leap and made smartphones available to the masses at much lower prices.

The fact cannot be denied that smartphones has made us more social than we used to be. Again the internet helps us stay connected to the people we love most. There is plethora of apps that keep you updating about all your social activity around. It all starts in the morning when we check our phone for the first time and the day goes by doing the same until we are asleep.

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Not only do smartphones amuse you but also lessen your work like taking notes, sending emails, taking pictures, playing music etc. In a nutshell, smartphones have become our personal assistant that helps us living life with ease and convenience.

This infographic is based on the habits of people about using their smartphones. We all use our smartphones for various things like to type an email, voice message, web surfing, app usage and more. It might come as no surprise that cellphones have become an important part of our lives and we cannot imagine ourselves without phone but what could be the reasons of this addiction towards the cellphones? One of the possible reasons might be the increasing numbers of cellphone users. Other reasons could be low-priced smartphones or easily available internet services for mobile users.

This Infograph is shared here after legal permission from HotBarGainPhones

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