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8 Effective Ways To Avoid Nobody Cares Effect On Your Blog

8 Effective Ways To Avoid Nobody Cares Effect On Your Blog

Blogs could mean to entertain, inform, critic, or share anything to other online users. Readers visit a blog because of its content. If they like it, they will comment to it or share it. It is mainly the content why readers stay or leave a blog site. If readers just come and go, you’re may be doing blogging the wrong way. Keep the visitors coming and staying by doing these eight effective blogging techniques.

Understand Why You Blog:

Anyone can blog but not everyone knows why they blog. Do you blog to be popular online? Or do you want to share something you think is relevant and helpful to others through blogging? If you truly understand why you blog, you definitely know what kind of content to provide your readers. If you want to be popular, then you must create post that are timely and fresh. If you are into sharing or teaching, be sure you have enough knowledge and resources. First thing firsts: know the purpose of your blog!

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Be Extra Personal:

No matter what niche your blog is about, it is important to sometimes share personal thoughts and experiences. People can get information anywhere on the web today. That is why, in order for your blog to be in favored by online users, you must be extra personal. People like personal stories because these are real experiences that we can learn more from.

Welcome Message:

A relatable welcome message can keep visitors around because this simply tells them that they are welcome on the site. The welcome message can be put under the title of your blog, at the sidebar, it could be an entire page or something that can be seen on the footer. Write a short message that briefly explains what they are going to gain on your blog.
For Example: A Fashion Blog…

Welcome to Fashion101: Where you can get ahead of hot fashion styles and latest fashion trends!

8 Effective Ways To Avoid Nobody Cares Effect On Your Blog

Show Readers Your Credential:

Show your readers your credibility as a blogger. Cite some of your relevant achievements. If they know who you are and your professional accomplishments, they will respect you as well as your blog. Showing your credentials also opens up opportunity to discuss on your blog how to achieve those to readers who want to accomplish the same things.

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Create Post As Often As Possible:

In order for readers to often come along, you need to always provide them new information. An everyday post is suggested to have a daily visit on your blog. You can discuss the latest news, a yesterday’s relevant experience, or post a funny or interesting photo/meme or video. Don’t let the day pass without atleast a tiny update on your blog.

Highlight Best Points Of A Particular Post:

A good blog post has headers and bolded words to highlight the major points. This is for the readers to easily notice the important points to read. This is also a good way to draw readers attention and make them read the whole blog post.

Give Them A Reason To Respond:

Don’t just ask your readers to post comments rather ask for specific responses about your blog post. Make the people involve by asking how they feel about the blog post. You can also leave a question like asking them to suggest what to do. You can also persuade them to comment by provoking their thoughts and knowledge.

Use Real Images:

Images on the post add life as well as explain more the content of the post. It is not okay to just steal photos on Google to use for your blog. A real photo is more interesting to readers as they know it was taken by the blogger himself either from a professional camera or mobile phone. Real photos of an event can show that you were truly there that can trigger questions from the people who weren’t able to go to that event.

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Making people care about your blog is indeed, not a simple task. You need to know first your capability to blog. You also need to care for your audience to provide them what they need. And, you need to be real in order for them to believe you and care about your blog.

About the Author:
Jennifer Joplin loves to read blogs about writing, fashion, business, travel, and technology. Blogs are her primary sources of knowledge and information. Jennifer currently works as a researcher and editor of an editing help at plagtracker.

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