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Top Five Amazing Apps You Must Have In Case Of Emergency

Top Five Amazing Apps You Must Have In Case Of Emergency

Sometime in life everybody faces certain scenarios, in which one has to take certain emergency steps. To minimize this risk, everybody tries to have options to cover the emergency risks. In today’s world as mobile application has become important part of every body’s life. Emergency Services providing Apps are quite help to survive in extreme conditions.

If we look in to the market, we will find hundred of companies providing assistance in emergency, these emergency services can be of many kind, like Emergency Calling Services, Calling Cops services, Helicopter services in case of Road accidents, Contacting nearby hospital services, Managing Data services in case of Network down, Fire stopping services, Taxi or Cab hiring services and lot more.

Since these services do require proper setup and infrastructure, mobile applications have played a proper role in it. Now if we look in Mobile Apps stores we will find mobile apps which are quite handy in finding information or contacting/ availing emergency services from these organizations.

Companies who have developed these mobile applications have taken great good care in making these applications to cover as much as possible in the aftermath of emergency coverage. In this article we have five amazing Mobile Apps you must in have in case of emergency.

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Margins – Emergency And Loss:

In real life we do face lot of scenarios, which are quite disturbing, especially when your high end gets lost on the road. The high-end smartphone tend to get lost or to be caught very often. Margins are great helpful application to help you in this regard.

Therefore, this application will help you with emergency contact number in case of lost phone .The person who finds your phone can not use it further, and your phone will get locked, therefore will be safe. This is the efficient way to gather and avoid any kind of emergency on your mobile phone.

Top Five Amazing Apps You Must Have In Case Of Emergency

My Emergency Tool & Widgets:

In any kind of emergency you face in life, like if you are at home, while driving, walking. My Emergency Tool &Widget is quite help full to provide relief in different emergency scenarios. This useful app provides information with regard to the nearest police station, hospital, fire, chemicals and all other areas emergency services providing companies details, So that you may contact them and immediately get relief from it.

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In addition to these exceptional features the user can store additional informational in the app in its portfolio, so that can be helpful to you for an emergency like blood type, emergency contact during SMS directly from sensor accidents awakening. It has quite user friendly interface to walk through different screens of the app.


This is a special application for all men and women or girls who get, threatened or exploited by Solaces as eve – teasing, rape and other unavoidable nuisance. Well this app is quite helpful in such scenarios, It provides quite user friendly interface, with it, just pressing a button during an emergency, the user can direct call or SMS to the parents or guardians, or numbers the users have been previously enrolled.

In addition, there is a way to automatically invoke nearest police station immediately within a few seconds of attack. So this best emergency App choice for you.

Emergency Rescue Alarm:

Like other emergency Apps, this application is more generalized to all groups and ages of people, including men, women, elderly, children, etc. If you are facing any kind of problem like theft, robbery, theft, physical harassment, this application has three tall sirens to be released with a click, to inform people in the vicinity of the difficulty confronted by you.

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The immediate help with any impending attack may be available through this application. It has quite interactive and user friendly interface to help you move through different screens.

Emergency Backpack:

Each and every thing as a flashlight is required during an emergency situation. This app is ideal app you help you gather even the minor things which might be helpful in emergency situations, it list of first aid equipment list that is mostly required in any type of attacks, personal alarm list and useful observing complete medical help.

It has quite interactive and user friendly interface to help you move through different screens. Also ICE – in case of emergency will help you get the time in contact with medical professionals to PIN. In short, this app is the complete package in an emergency.

About the Author:
This article is contributed by Rose Waring. She is professional Blogger and expert content Writer in leading iPhone Application Development Company Dubai. She is main contributor of major blogs belonging to different sectors that includes Mobile gadgets, SEO and Social Media Marketing.

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  1. Thank you for this post, i have never thought or find any app like these before. I will install them with in seconds to save my life.

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