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Top 10 Budget Smartphones For Students In 2013

Top 10 Budget Smartphones For Students In 2013

If you have reached a point where all you can think about is your best bud’s dazzling new smartphone that is super cool and has apps way better than your humble plastic block; and where going to college without these apps is simply unthinkable, then congratulations, you’re a teen of 2013 and you deserve a smartphone. Just in case you are skim on cash, you can consider using our tip regarding discount coupons.

Here is a list of top 10 smartphones that you can buy without burning a hole in your modest pockets Note that these price are in Indian Rupees, You can convert it into $$$ so you can know easily about these prices in your contry…

1.) Samsung Galaxy Core:

Charted at Rs. 15,000, this smartphone will fit gloriously into your hands with a display size of 4.3 inch. Running Android Jelly Bean, it has 1GB memory, 5MP camera and 8GB internal storage.

2.) Micromax Canvas HD:

Obviously the best canvas phone at Rs. 14,999, Canvas HD has got a 5 inch display, 1 GB Ram, 8 MP Camera, 1GHz dual- core processor, 4 GB internal storage and runs on Jelly Bean. Need we say more?

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3.) Nokia Lumia 620:

Sporting a 3.8 inch display screen, Lumia is fitted with a 1 GHz dual- core processor and coupled with 8 GB internal storage and 512 MB Ram. Consisting of preloaded apps like Skype, Microsoft Office, Cinemagraph, etc. Nokia Lumia 620 comes at a price of Rs.14, 999.

Top 10 Budget Smartphones For Students In 2013

4.) Gionee E3:

With a sleek 7.9 mm chassis and 4.7 inch display screen, Gionee E3 is surely one of the best Smartphones for all the students out there. With 1.2 GHz quad- core processor and 1 GB Ram, it is capable of clicking amazing pictures with its 8 MP camera.

5.) Karbonn Titanium S1:

At Rs. 10,990 this is probably the cheapest phone you can get hold of that will offer you a 1.2 GHz quad- core processor, 4 GB internal storage, 5 MP camera and runs on Android v4.1.

6.) Samsung Galaxy Star:

For all those students who have to pay for their own phone and wants to minimize the money spend, then Samsung has just the thing for you. Tagged at Rs. 5,420, galaxy Star has 1 GHz processor, 512 MB Ram, 4 GB internal storage and runs on Android v4.1.

7.) Nokia Asha 501:

They say Smartphones are for the rich. Nokia has brought a smartphone for just these types of people. At Rs. 5,199, it has all the features of a smartphone at a commoner’s budget.

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8.) Sony Xperia U:

Sony Xperia is a handset ranging in the higher side of the low budget region, but it’s all worth it. Defeating all rivals with its superior features, it boasts of a 2 day battery life and fantastic screen, Xperia U is something that people die to flaunt.

9.) Nokia Lumia 520:

So you want a Lumia but cannot fish out Rs. 15,000 from your pocket for the 620, what do you do? You buy the Lumia 520 that is available for Rs. 10,000 approximately. Sporting almost the same features as the Lumia 620, the only thing it lacks are a few good apps.

10.) HTC Desire U:

Tagged at Rs. 11,500 this Desire sibling is the best that money can but at that price range and goes without saying doesn’t need propaganda. Desire U offers a deal of 5 MP camera, 1 GHz core processor and sound from the famous beatsaudio. You simply can’t get better.

With all that said above the primary objective of this article is to guide you in buying Smartphones that will help you save money. Indiaplaza coupons help you buy Smartphones at a “stripped down “rate. It goes without saying that if you are still surviving on your pocket money, each penny saved is a penny earned! And what could be a better way than to save money on your much craved smartphone. So visit Indiaplaza and grab your coupons now before somebody else does to avail those early bird discounts and strikingly low smartphone packages.

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