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3 Simple Link Building Strategies Every Blogger Should Know

If you want to run a successful blog, you need inbound links. In the past people would accomplish this by emailing other bloggers and proposing link exchanges. But search giant Google put a quick stop to that. They made it unfavorable to have many links on the home page. And so people had to look for other ways to build links and improve their search rankings.

Link building doesn’t have to be a time intensive process. In fact, link building today can come from simple tactics. Many of these tactics can help your blog in more than one way. Follow these three simple link building strategies and you’ll be well on your way to favorable rankings in Google, Bing, and other search engines.

1.) Guest Post:

There is no better method of link building than guest posting. It serves so many purposes, and all of them are beneficial to you and your blog. When you guest post on a site you get to place a link to your own blog in your author bio section. Google then indexes that link, sending you link juice and boosting your PageRank slightly. Guest post enough and you’ll build a solid log of backlinks.Meet other bloggers. Blogging is in many ways a communal act. While you might have your own blog and someone else has her own, you’re all in the blogging community.

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Meeting more of these people, by providing high quality content, is a great way to meet new and interesting bloggers. New audience. No, guest posting won’t get you thousands of new visitors. But some people will click to your link, and those people might like your blog. Bam New readers and Exposure. If you guest post enough, some readers might think, “I’ve seen his work before. He’s good.” That’s an excellent way to expose yourself to new audiences and gain a positive reputation. Of course, all of this assumes you write a quality guest post. But as long as you can teach people something, you can write a good guest post. You might even want to save your best posts for other site. There’s something to be said for putting your best foot forward.

Comments and forums It might seem as though leaving comments on blogs and forums is a too-easy way to guest post, but it is everything but. In fact, building links through comments and forum posts is actually harder than guest posting. That’s because many blogs and forums nowadays are no-follow. That is, any links left on them are not indexed by Google. That means you get no link juice from them, so your PageRank will not improve.There are two points to be made here to show why commenting on blogs and forums is still a worthwhile link building experience.

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More exposure. If you build up a reputation in a blog or forum community, people are more likely to click your links. If they click your links they’ll see your site. And who knows: maybe they’ll link to it from their own sites and pass some link juice your way. At the very worst you can gain an audience. At best, you can build many links just because people enjoy your content.


2.) Commenting On Dofollow Forums And Blogs:

Yes, there are some blogs and forums that provides dofollow links. There will be obvious restrictions here — you can’t just go spamming them. But you can build links while having civil discussions with other commenters. You won’t get a lot of link juice, of course, since there are so many other links. But every little bit helps.The best part about commenting is that you can do it from anywhere. While waiting on line I often leave comments, with links to my blogs, using my Samsung Android smartphone. There are some forum apps that make this even easier. That way you can get these lower-value links while not wasting much time. That’s a win-win proposition.

3.) Internal Linking:

Most people don’t interlink their articles. While external linking passes link juice from other sites to yours, internal link structures pass link among the pages on your site. That’s also important for the rankings of individual posts. You might have the best bit of content in the world, but if you don’t have any links on your own site pointing to it, it won’t rank well. Thankfully there are easy ways to build internal links. WordPress features many plugins that automatically create an internal link structure. All you have to do is specify the keywords to link, and the page you want them to link to. After that the plugins will generate these links not only for new posts, but your old posts as well. This will help the link juice flow to the best pages on your blog.

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Link building has become an important task for any blogger. Yet it doesn’t need to be a hassle. It can involve guest posting once a month, leaving a few comments on forums and blogs per day, and using a plugin to generate an internal link structure. Stick with these three tactics and you’ll start building up some link juice. The more link juice you get, the higher you’ll rank. And that’s what we all want in the first place anyway. Isn’t it?

Abhishek ChoudharyAbout the Author:Abhishek Choudhary is the founder of geeksgyaan. He loves to write about geeksgyaan and how to guides related to computing and technology. Apart from that he is a web geek and a so called programmer.

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