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Some Useful Tips To Design An iOS Friendly Web Apps

Planning mobile friendly web application is not an easy task by any means, especially for Android based device. There are several reasons for it, first of all there are fragmentation issues. Secondly, it is easy for developers to design a web app for iOS, because it is simple and offer advance alternatives to acquire fantastic user experiences.

In this post, we would like to discuss some useful tips for creating an amazing and unique experience for web apps designed for iPhone and iPad users.

Apple has gained some space back in the mobile phone industry since iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus induction. It has nearly 180 million users in the US, which is an impressive figure as compared to Android users. With iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus’s success, more users are inclined to use these devices for their daily internet and web needs. It means more and more brands and business will be aiming to translate their web apps’ experience for iPhone and iPad.

So, if you are planning to push your business, brand, or cause on mobile front, creating mobile friendly site or mobile web application is profoundly proficient and smart method. No doubt, native mobile applications are awesome for superb user experiences, but such apps are not affordable due to fragmentation on mobile OS platforms. Therefore, considering mobile web application or mobile friendly site with responsive design is an extraordinary approach to accomplish your objectives.

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Disadvantages Of Android:

Android OS is an open source project and does not offer any control over hardware side. There are numerous mobile device producers that offer Android based devices with diverse standards and capacities.

These at last transform into Android hardware fragmentation. Also, Android users have flexibility to run any back version of OS without any compatibility issues. This is why Android app designers have headache while designing an Android application and testing it on different devices and programs.

Apple Advantages:

Against these Android downsides, Apple is putting forth consistency and redesigned user experience, on its devices. It is exclusive mobile platform so it can do these all effortlessly by controlling App store endorsements and lock iOS devices with iOS itself.

In the event that you are going to hire an iPhone application developers for your mobile friendly web application or site with web services incorporated in backend, you should consider following things.


1.) Basic And Smooth Navigation:

iPhone and iPad are smooth and natural devices with top of the line touch encounters. Consequently, Apple has discharged some strict application outlining rules.

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If you religiously take after those rules and some great clues for better user experience planning, you can win its users until the end of time. Route and screen stream are prime attentiveness toward superb user experience outlining.

To keep up with the relatively smaller screens of iPhone:

  • Your iPhone creators need to cut as much as UI components for route.
  • Your iPhone designers need to utilize savvy UI components for route and different purposes rather than long or enormous writings.
  • Modern iPhone application developers use off-canvas route plans to lessen mess on screen and spread most extreme navigational things.
  • Using device tips or on loading up procedures to guide first time users or offer logical route is stylish strategies for smooth screen stream.

2.) Smart Layouts:

Doubtlessly, web applications and mobile friendly sites have top of the line web administrations combination and interest numerous segment format outlining. Be that as it may, limiting up to single segment format and moving capacities to level or vertical introduction if necessary for various section formats.

Utilizing pictures and other media content sparingly is the most ideal approach to enhance stacking and execution of iPhone web application.

3.) Smart UI Elements:

Content is the significant piece of any mobile UI and coherence on mobile phones is a major test for mobile developers. Hence, tending to needs of small screen of iPhone like mobile phone is a touch precarious undertaking.

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Your iPhone application developer should utilize proper text dimension, neither very vast nor very little, text dimension should keep up with the overall design.

Links are not permitted on iPhone or other mobile phones so you need to utilize catches rather or make Links tap-able against clickable.


In this post, we have discussed a couple of things which can help you design your web app for iPhone and iPad. If you have anything to add into this post, please feel free to share with us in the comment section below. We believe besides these tips, there are several UI designing and programming hints, which a web app development company needs to consider before creating an iPhone friendly web app or website.

James MartinAbout the Author:My name is James Martin. I am working as a professional web application developer in the private company of USA. This article is based on my research and experience.

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