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SEO Tips To Get Traffic On Website Without Money

SEO Tips To Get Traffic On Website Without Money

A static website is one that has web pages stored on the server in the format that is sent to a client web browser. It is primarily coded in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Another fact is monetization which is making your site ready to make money. Many people getting crazy about this and will dump their site with advertisements and whatever possible. It reaches 100% monetization. If you have already monetized your site then stop it. Don’t monetize too much, it yields you nothing and actually breaks your confident, growth.

Always keep in your mind. More traffic can make more money. If have no traffic then you will not make more money. Simple forms or marketing examples of websites, such as classic website, a five-page website or a brochure website are often static websites, because they present pre-defined, static information to the user. This may include information about a company and its products and services through text, photos, animations, audio/video and interactive menus and navigation.

This type of website usually displays the same information to all visitors. Similar to handing out a printed brochure to customers or clients, a static website will generally provide consistent, standard information for an extended period of time. Although the website owner may make updates periodically, it is a manual process to edit the text, photos and other content and may require basic website design skills and software.

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A static web page may still have dynamic behavior, provided that this is handled entirely client-side (i.e. within the browser). This may include such features as a JavaScript image zoom feature to display photographs. In summary, visitors are not able to control what information they receive via a static website, and must instead settle for whatever content the website owner has decided to offer at that time.

They are edited using four broad categories of software:

Text editor, such as Notepad or Text Edit, where content and HTML markup are manipulated directly within the editor program

WYSIWYG offline editors, such as with which the site is edited using a GUIinterface and the final HTML markup is generated automatically by the editor software

WYSIWYG online editors which create media rich online presentation like web pages, widgets, intro, blogs, and other documents.

Template-based editors, such as Rapid Weaver and iWeb which allow users to quickly create and upload web pages to a web server without detailed HTML knowledge, as they pick a suitable template from a palette and add pictures and text to it in a desktop publishing fashion without direct manipulation of HTML code.

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Static websites may still use server side includes (SSI) as an editing convenience, such as sharing a common menu bar across many pages. As the site’s behavior to the reader is still static, this is not considered a dynamic site.

Controlling Web Traffic:

The amount of traffic seen by a web site is a measure of its popularity. By analyzing the statistics of visitors it is possible to see shortcomings of the site and look to improve those areas. It is also possible to increase (or, in some cases decrease) the popularity of a site and the number of people that visit it.

Limiting Access:

It is sometimes important to protect some parts of a site by password, allowing only authorized people to visit particular sections or pages.

Some site administrators have chosen to block their page to specific traffic, such as by geographic location. The re-election campaign site for U.S. President George W. Bush ( was blocked to all internet users outside of the U.S. on 25 October 2004 after a reported attack on the site.

It is also possible to limit access to a web server both based on the number of connections and by the bandwidth expended by each connection. On Apache HTTP servers this is accomplished by the limitipconn module and others.  If you want to realize the importance of traffic then you should make site only for the visitors. In the end, you will build good site which gets more quality traffic for your site makes money comfortably!

About the Author:
Brainne is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, travelling and blogging. She contributes in Next Financial Group.

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