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How To Get Discounts On Netflix And Amazon Prime?


Netflix and Prime, they’re two of the best film and TV streaming services with a vast range of genres. It is also one of the cheapest TV shows and movies if you choose the basic tier. Though it is rare to find deals and discounts at these streaming services, here are a few ways you can get subscriptions on Netflix and Amazon Prime at discounted prices.

Ways To Get Discounts On Amazon Prime:

Get A 30-Day Free Trial:

If you just sign up for Amazon Prime for Prime Day deals, you can subscribe to a 30-day trial and then cancel it before time if you don’t want it later. Otherwise, you can get charged for another month which costs $14.99 per month.

If you want to avail another 30-day trial, use a different account and then cancel before time if you don’t want to continue.

Get Discounts With Your Student ID:

You can avail the best student discount offers and coupons to save on Netflix and Amazon Prime. You can get this deal through websites that offer coupons and deals for these streaming channels. You need to have school school-provided email address with .edu and can get up to 6 months’ free watch time.

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After 6 months of free streaming, you will pay the discounted rate of $7.49 per month. This membership comes with usual Prime perks as well as free food delivery via Grubhub, flight discounts, and more.

Get Amazon Prime For $6.99 If You Are A Government Assistance:

Being a government assistant gets you a lot of extra perks like getting discounts on Amazon Prime. Having an EBT card gets you Amazon Prime for $6.99. All you need to have is a snap photo of it to present it as a reference and qualify every 12 months to keep availing of Prime discounts.

Prime Reward Card Points:

Shopping at Amazon gets you points every time you shop from there. You can later redeem it and pay for the Amazon Prime subscription.

Netflix and Amazon Prime approach other platforms to provide discounts. Different websites sell gift cards for these TV streaming in retail stores, which you can redeem and get discounts. You can find Netflix and Amazon Prime gift cards on Amazon and PayPal.

Join Amazon Household:

Getting access to someone else’s Amazon Prime through Amazon Household does not charge you for its subscription. This service allows an account holder to add another adult, teen, or kid to their account for free. You both can get access to digital content and free shipping on Amazon.

Save With A Yearly Subscription:

You can save up to 11% with Amazon Prime yearly subscription and get you a great saving. Normally, it is £8.99 for a monthly plan that adds up to £107.88. However, with the yearly plan, you can only spend £95 and save up to 11% on Amazon Prime streaming. This plan also includes everything Amazon Prime has to offer including books, gaming, and fast delivery.

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Ways To Get Discounts On Netflix:

Buy In Groups And Enjoy Time With Friends/Family:

To have Netflix installed for your home to enjoy family time, you can collectively pay for the account and enjoy some snacks and drinks. At the same time, you can get it logged in on your device as well and watch other shows in private. If it’s a basic tier subscription plan, then you can only play it on one screen at a time.

Or you could buy the subscription along with friends and plan a movie night on weekends to have some Netflix and Chill.

Friends Can Get Multiple Screens On A Single Account:

Although Netflix announced to have strict policies against password sharing Netflix is still working on it. Until then you can enjoy account sharing with your friends, purchase a single-screen subscription plan or multiple-screen plan, and watch your favorite shows in your comfort zones. Also, you could be in different regions and chilling on your screens without waiting for one to finish watching so you can start your show.

Share An Account With A Friend And Watch Alternate Times:

If you have 2 or 3 friends, or friends around the world living in different time zones; you can buy a low-tier plan and allot different times to everyone to use the screen. On the lowest subscription plan, Netflix allows the single screen to be in single use. You can set schedules with Netflix users and watch your shows at your allotted time.

Change Your Country Using A VPN:

If you didn’t know, Netflix charges differently in all regions. Or it’s just a currency difference, that could help you pay less for the same Netflix plan. All you need is to find in which regions Netflix is available and its currency must be graded lower than yours. Another thing you need is a premium VPN at your disposal. With the VPN use, you will get affordable Netflix plans and additional security to your system. Also, keep an eye on discounted VPNs on the Christmas sale.

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Choose A Bundle Plan From Cellular Services:

Many cellular services are offering bundle deals for Netflix and Amazon Prime in their plans. Indeed, there are some limits to it that you can get all within your budget. The plans consist of single-screen to multiple screens with various other offerings.

Make Payments With A Cashback Credit Card:

You can use payment options where you can avail cashback. Earn money through your payments and enjoy a few percent returns on each transaction. There are credit cards that specifically offer cashback on Netflix and Amazon Prime accounts. We don’t say you can get huge amounts but even a small amount makes it better than nothing.

Discounted Netflix Gift Cards:

It’s rare to spot any Netflix gift cards. But if you are lucky to have one you can get big discounts. You might be able to buy a discounted gift card for a different streaming platform like Amazon Prime, and often it can be used for Netflix subscriptions.

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