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Top Reasons That Make Android Better Than iPhone

Although comparing Android and iPhone is an age-old debate, and we always find no result at the end of every such discussion, both sides always show superiority for various reasons. iPhone lovers have their own opinions. However, the reality is that Android users are almost double that of iPhone users. Some iPhone users can claim here that the reason is the price difference. This claim is acceptable to some extent, but we cannot consider it the only reason, as using Android means a new level of flexibility from affordability to customization. Additionally, its user-friendliness keeps it ahead of the competition.

This article is specifically written for Android lovers who want to discuss the advantages of their green robot more aggressively. This discussion will also help those think about the most helpful smartphone technology and choose the best according to their mindset.

So, let us start exploring why Android has an edge over the iPhone!

More Customized Options:

You can add more personalized features to your Android phone, and this option is limited to iPhone iOS. For example, third-party Android applications can easily be downloaded to your Android phone. You can customize your phone’s interface with an enhanced feel and appearance. When you install custom launchers, you can change the home screen, icons, and widgets. In comparison, only a few options, like the arrangement of app icons, are possible when customizing iPhones. You have only a few customization choices.

More Affordable:

It is the primary factor that keeps Android users away from iPhones. The most crucial aspect in this regard is the availability of various devices with different rates. The experts find Android phones the best for those with a low budget. Conversely, iPhones suit only those who can afford these devices. For example, an Android smartphone is available even at $100. On the other hand, even older iPhones are not available at these rates. After exploring the market, we have identified that the old iPhone SE can be purchased only if you have $399.

A person with a low budget can compromise on some Android features to get the most affordable smartphone. More importantly, he has a smartphone better than the Android phones he used previously.

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Better Device Compatibility:

Various devices are compatible with Android phones. For example, you can link an Android phone with a Windows laptop in a hassle-free environment. However, it can be challenging for iPhone users as they need specific applications and smartphone settings to do so. iPhones work only with a limited number of accessories. In comparison, Android phones can be connected to hundreds of devices.

More Applications To Use:

It is not one of the advantages Android users can claim, although a slight edge is also available here. For Android users, over 2.5 million apps are available to use. On the other hand, iPhone users can use over 2 million apps.

Android Users Have 3.5 Mm Headphone Jacks:

After launching the iPhone 7, Apple manufacturers removed these 3.5 mm headphone jacks. So, if you want to listen to music on your iPhone, you need a dongle to connect with Bluetooth headphones. If not, the option is to use a specific wired set compatible with Apple’s proprietary lightning connector. On the other hand, all types of Android phones accept 3.5 mm connectors. Only Google Pixel and Moto Z are exceptions.

Increased Storage:

The feature that attracts Android users the most is the increased space. And if you still feel that more space is required, you also have the option to use a MicroSD card. Moreover, adding a MicroSD card is as simple as saying 1,2,3. When comparing this option with the iPhone, no extra storage is available. Therefore, an Android smartphone is the first choice for all those needing extra storage.

Interestingly, many flagship Android smartphones do not have this option. However, you can still find this option in mid-range Android smartphones.

Better File Management:

You have more freedom when managing files and folders on your Android smartphones. The reason is that the Android operating system permits you to use and manage files. Opening files on Android phones is like opening the same file on a laptop. Sharing and transferring files is also more manageable and convenient between two Android phones, laptops, or any other smart device. However, it does not look convenient when using iPhones. The reason is the restricted Apple policy to make the smartphone more secure and protected.

Greater Freedom:

Apple’s operating system is specific and particular for Apple systems and iPhones. Therefore, you work in a restricted environment where freedom is not readily available. On the other hand, Android is for all as an open-source platform. It means you can use and customize it according to your convenience. More importantly, you can also modify Android smartphones by enjoying greater freedom.


One Charger – All Android Devices:

When exploring current-world Android smartphones and other devices, we identify that almost all devices need USB-C cables. This freedom was available only for Android devices, whether smartphones, external hard drives, noise-canceling headsets, Bluetooth devices, or tablets.

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Interestingly, the unavailability of USB-C ports has been a significant drawback of iPhones. However, the management has decided to introduce it in the latest iPhone smartphones, iPads, and MacBooks. So, when discussing USB-C ports, the competitive edge of Android phones has ended.

Do Not Lock Yourself Into One Ecosystem!:

No one can deny the sophistication and style of Apple smart devices and Google smartphones. Moreover, they offer many services, apps, and devices. However, one feature that keeps both these brands behind is that they have a closed ecosystem, and more importantly, the iPhone has a more closed ecosystem. You can understand it more conveniently with the following example.

If you have an iPhone, including only Apple devices and leaving all others is essential. It means only the iPad, MacBook, and Apple Watch suit you if you have an iPhone. Moreover, many applications like iCloud, Apple Maps, and Apple Music suit iPhones.

It does not mean you cannot connect other devices with Apple devices, as you need special applications and settings to make them compatible, which is a considerable investment. Therefore, we have recommended you include other Apple devices if you have an iPhone.

On the other hand, as Android is an open-source platform, you can use all the applications except those designed for iPhones and make all devices compatible. It does not matter if you have an Android smartphone, which PC you have, what tablets you use, and what the brand is of your smartwatch.

Best Virtual Assistant:

Using a virtual assistant on your smartphone means you want to make your life easier. These VAs give you reminders when required, inform you about the latest weather, connect someone on a dedicated team, or reply to your questions. Many virtual assistants, including Siri, Google Assistant, Bixby, and Alexa, are available. However, the best option is Google Assistant for all those who need virtual assistants.

Using these virtual assistants works exceptionally well when using Android phones. The reason is that the Android operating system is compatible with almost all the applications. On the other hand, the iPhone has a restricted platform that limits the applications, and they cannot provide complete features generally to iPhone users. If you are interested in using VAs, prefer Android smartphones over iPhones.

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Comprehensive Settings:

Overall, common system settings are similar in Android and iPhone operating systems. They also have similar shortcuts to access and manage settings. iPhone offers a control center to manage Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, airplane mode, or any other familiar setting. The same happens in Android phones when swiping down. However, the iPhone control center’s main settings page is unavailable. More interestingly, the control center has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other options to connect other devices. However, you can activate this access only when you leave the control center.

In Android phones, you have various options when swiping down, and if you want more details, you only need to swipe right. Here, complete settings of smartphones are available. Therefore, iPhones are suitable only for those who can afford these phones and want a more secure environment. Moreover, we claim that security is no longer an issue, as Android phones can also secure your data more effectively, and you do not need to spend much on it.

Final Words:

The iPhone has dominated the world tremendously. People who use iPhones do not want to leave this technology. However, Apple does not want to change itself much. Moreover, iPhone manufacturers want to refrain from giving the latest tech features to their users. It means they have left their users only with simple features. This approach worked exceptionally well in the smartphone era’s initial phase.

However, the world has changed tremendously, and tech advancements have changed the concept of comprehensiveness, competitiveness, and convenience. Moreover, smartphones are not a luxury today. People love more advanced features in their smartphones, and Android adds features as much as users want. Therefore, people believe more in Android phones because they want to use the latest technology with all the latest features and applications. This option gives an overall edge to Android phones over iPhones.

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