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3 Things To Remember When You’re Launching An Online Store

Most people, who have never conducted any business online think that e-commerce is simple: launch a new online store, go global and increase your revenues to six figures in no time. Everyone, who has any experience in e-commerce knows that it takes a lot more to be successful in this field than to do the bare minimum and expect immediate results.

It is possible to have a successful online business, even if you do not have professional experience or knowledge in the field, but in order to be successful you have to consider possible problems and start with a plan. Here’s what you should include in your planning:

1.) Niche Is The Keyword To Success:

If you want to quickly become successful, you need to come up with something with a high demand that nobody else is selling. Does it sound difficult? It is, but unless you find a niche, you will not be able to compete with other companies in your field. Give up the idea of selling everything and focus on products, which are most competitive. Narrow your offer down to the most niche products. To know which products are popular and which are not, research your competition and check how many online shops are selling similar items.

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Follow new trends and technological innovations in your field of expertise – if a product is a new invention, there are always more chances that nobody else is selling it and you can focus on that. A niche is something you should start from to build a solid brand, but nobody will stop you from growing your range of products once you become a recognizable retailer.


2.) Approach It By Testing It:

If you have just come up with a new idea and are ready to invest all of your money to make it work, we have to stop you right there – you need to first check whether your customers share your excitement or not. The best way to do it is to start by selling your products via popular services, such as for example ebay, or by establishing a blog about your niche with links to your products and monitor the traffic. Run this test for at least a month and check the following: are your products or your blog popular among visitors?

Do people try to contact you to ask about your products? How many products were you able to sell? If you do not see any activity on your blog or you were able to sell only a few products, we recommend sticking to selling your goods via ebay and invest in an online store when you see that the demand for your products is growing.

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3.) Rethink Your ECommerce Platform Of Choice:

The shopping cart you plan to use to sell your products is an essential part of your online store experience. Two things to consider first is your budget and volume of products you want to sell through your online site. If you have a very limited budget and do not plan to sell much, choose a hosted shopping cart.

If your budget allows you to hire an e-commerce development expert or if you know how to design websites with Magento Community, go with this option and order Magento custom development. Magento Community is also the best platform for online stores with extensive catalogs of products.

Alex BukaAbout the Author:

Alex Buka is a writer and Social Media Marketer in the Magento web designers company with 3+ years of experience in SEO, IT copywriting and social media management.

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