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How To Avoid Plagiarism During Content Writing? | 4 Best Ways

Generating unique ideas in the content is a tricky task. You have to be different from other authors through your words. Some writers read the lines from other articles and pen them down in their content. It is not a good habit as you are using the ideas of other authors.

You will be penalized by search engines due to the plagiarism factor. So, it is essential to avoid duplicated text in the content and provide new material to the readers. Visitors come to your page to get something unique. Be honest with them and write exclusive content for them.

You have to write your own thoughts in the context that is the best way to dodge plagiarism in the article. Before going deep, here we will give you an idea about plagiarized content.

What Is Plagiarized Content?

Getting ideas from other sources and publishing them in your content is called plagiarism that is prohibited by a search engine. You are stealing the ideas of other authors without giving them credit— which is wrong. Google dislikes this factor and de-rank such websites.

Sometimes, you may add copied lines in the content unintentionally. But still, it will be counted as plagiarism. Writers must take care of this factor to avoid duplication in the content. Otherwise, they may face trouble in the end.

Tip To Avoid Plagiarism:

For writing unique content, you have to follow some rules that can help in making the context exclusive. Here we will provide you with some tips. Writers can take a guide from these tips and avoid plagiarism in the content.


1.) Take Your Time:

“Haste makes waste” is a famous line that everyone has heard. It is all about the hustle that people make while writing content on a topic. Writers start to write on the subject without proper research on it. This is a wrong tactic as there are chances that you add some irrelevant ideas in the article.

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Before writing on a topic, take your time and get ideas from different resources so you can know about the topic. It can also provide you with thoughts of multiple authors so you can get the central idea from there. It is only possible if you have read the content deeply.

Pick the main points from there that can explain the story of context in the most influential way. Be unique with your ideas. Get concepts from multiple sources but write them in your language that is unique from other writers. You can only get this target once you spent a good time reading articles related to your topic.

It can be supportive for you in the end to generate unique content that is never used before.

2.) Write Your Own Thoughts:

After reading the articles from multiple sources, pen down the central ideas of content that are actually juice of that topic. Write those lines in your way that can help in making the content unique from others. The lines in your mind are never used by anyone before.

Your thoughts are always unique for everyone. So, don’t feel shy to add your ideas to the content. You are sharing your views on a specific topic. Some people may argue over your ideas but it is the best tactic to dodge the duplication in content and make it exclusive for everyone.

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Write every new line that is related to the topic and never published in other articles. It can help you in the best way to make the text free of plagiarism.

3.) Use Plagiarism Checker:

Taking out duplicated lines from the content is not possible for a human. No one has read all the articles published on search engines. So, you never know which line is used before and which author has published that text in the content.

To highlight the plagiarized lines in the content, you can get help from the plagiarism checker tool. These online tools are quite helpful in making the text unique. When the article is uploaded on a plagiarism checker, it matches every line on SERP and highlights the plagiarized text.

These tools also provide the source from where the line was taken from. Users can visit that website and make the content unique by removing those duplicated lines. Using an online plagiarism checker is the best way to make the text unique. You can remove those plagiarized lines and make the text exclusive for readers.

4.) Using Paraphrasing Tool:

Writers get ideas from multiple sources before writing on that topic. There are many chances of mistakes in the article. Probably you may add some lines that you have read from other sources. It will count as plagiarism that is prohibited.

One more thing that can happen is using irrelevant ideas in your content that can distract the reader and lose his interest. To avoid this factor, users can get help from the paraphrasing tool that can spin the entire article and make it different from the original one.

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When the user inserts text in the rephrasing tool, it reads the content deeply and changes the synonym of words there, So, they can have new text for them with the same meaning. An interesting thing about rephrasing tools is that they don’t lose the central ideas of content and preserve its original meaning.

These online tools can be helpful to avoid plagiarism in the content and make it exclusive.

Bottom Lines:

Readers visit your website to get new things that can help them to solve their queries. But if you start to provide them with copied content, they will lose their trust. To engage the audience, it is essential to write exclusively for them that is new and interesting for them.

Copying lines from other sources is disgraceful for the page and people will try to avoid your forum. The tips discussed in this article can help the writers to make the content unique and dodge duplication in the text.

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