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Thinking Ahead – Big Data And Digital Revolution

If you look back through history you will see where progress has left its mark. The 20th century saw the industrial age come in and produce products at lightning speed. Look at the auto industry once the production line was put in, autos rolled off it in record number. The same thing happened with many other areas of manufacturing. That was until the outsource rage hit and jobs moved to outsourcing.

Now in the 21st century, we rise of the digital age and the explosion of technology.

What does this mean for you?
It means you have to learn how to use all these digital run things such as banking, shopping, and mortgages are even now being offered in the digital realm. There is nowhere to get away from it. We use it to help run our street signals and other city operations such as water flow, energy consumption, even the production of energy.

Face it there is pretty much an app for everything these days, even exercise in the form of PokemonGo.

Good Or Bad:

The question is; is it good or bad?
The good is there are plenty of tools and services that we can use for good such as education, research, and medical advances such as laser eye surgery. Banking with instant transfers from one account to another and the ability to talk to anyone around the world are a couple more that can be good but may not always be good.

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Technology has its uses but there are also areas in which it can be bad.

Misuse for one, spending too much time immersed in digital data leaves us with a double edged sword. The digital age has shrunk the world, we can talk to anyone anywhere in the world; however, here is the issue with that. While it has shrunk the world it has also made us even more alone. We no longer talk to people face to face, we can shop online instead of in stores, and we can even order food online, different online services and het help without going outside.

It has the potential to make each of us even more vulnerable than before. Since all of our information is out in the digital space floating around it is even easier to have our identities stolen, our bank accounts drained, and our homes were broken into.

The biggest threat is a terrorist attack on the digital structure we run our countries, our financial institutions, education institutions, and leaving us unable to run any of these things. What will do then and why should be worried about?

The reason we should be worried about it is technology while making life easier, also has us teaching our teaching technology it seems before we teach them the basics of providing food, shelter, and heat without technology.


Companies In The Digital Age:

Those companies who have not had started during the digital age must learn how to use data and the digital software in order to survive.

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Those who have started in the digital age have an advantage they already know how to use it and can, therefore, give the businesses that do not know how to use it a tough time catching up.

Companies like P&G are using the digital age for marketing now, with online coupons, rewards, and more. The research and innovation no longer take weeks, months, or years it now is almost instantaneous..

It is not just P&G; there are many other companies, both big and small, out there who are using the digital age for their marketing. Social media, email, and more bring their marketing campaigns directly to your computer, smartphone, or tablet. A big amount of companies exist only thanks to the Internet.

It allows them to collect information about your buying habits, receive your input on products or services, and allows them to get referrals from you without even asking as they know you will share on social media platforms.


While some would say the digital revolution is not here, other say it is in full swing.

Personally, I believe it is in full swing and advancing at the speed of light. As I said earlier there is an app for pretty much everything and anything these days. You can log activities, check your finances, and order food with just a simple touch of the screen and never having to get dressed or step out the door.

About the Author:Diana Beyer is media expert who is passionate about writing. She never stops looking for new topics to discuss. Diana constantly writes for online writing service Evo Essay, so you could check her works.

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      Welcome here and thanks for reading our article and sharing your view. This will be very helpful to us to let us motivate to provide you with more awesome and valuable content from a different mind. Thanks again.

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