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How To Boost Your iPhone’s Battery Life For Longer Use?

The parameters for choosing a mobile phone have changed nowadays due to the emergence of eye-catching features in smartphones. However, all those factors that add beauty to your phone do not matter if your phone lacks enough battery backup. Apple provides customers with excellent battery backup, but there are plenty of activities that drain battery power considerably. At times your phone gets switched off because of your phone settings that are not customized effectively for reducing battery drain.

There are plenty other ways to ensure that your iPhone runs for an extended period without many hassles. The basic idea is to save your iPhone’s battery by customizing your phone settings. Almost all the iPhone user needs to know what changes or modifications in the phone settings can lead to a considerable improvement in battery life. Here are few ways that can boost your iPhone’s battery life for lingering use.

Low Power Mode On:

One of the most prominent features of iPhone users who wants to extend their battery life to the best possible degree. You just need to turn off few sensors and disable notifications along with decreasing brightness to zero.
Also, turn off the app updates when your battery level reaches 20% to turn automatically on the low power mode. Once done, your battery will run for a longer period than expected

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Deactivate Handoff:

This handoff feature is highly useful for iPhone users who tend to use it for professional purposes as well. If you do not have to do anything with handling documents, then try to keep this feature inactive, and you can always switch it on if in case you need it.

Turn Bluetooth Off:

The recently launched iPhones consist of Bluetooth 4.1 also known as Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE. It does not consume as much power as the earlier version of iPhone’s Bluetooth does but still, it sucks a good amount of battery power.

Therefore, you should keep it off when you do not intend to use Bluetooth. To do so, you only need to click the Bluetooth switch and turn it off.

Keep Those Motion Effects Inactive:

Those movements in notifications and icons in iPhones you notice are referred to as the parallax effect. Apple came up with this to give significant depth to these flat icons.
However, this feature eats up a lot of battery power as it has to do a lot with graphics or images of large sizes. It should be disabled by following the given path.

Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion > Toggle the button to ON

Avoid Sharing Every Time You Change Your Location:

iPhones allow you to share your location via messages every time you change it. It is a highly useful geo-mapping feature, but it is better to avoid unless imperative.

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Follow the given path to make it work for you: Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Share location

Turn Off 4G Connection:

The digital world is blessed with highly modern 4G mobile network. However, it does suck a lot of battery power. Interestingly, an iPhone can be connected to 3G as well as 4G network. Since it is evident that if you get a 4G signal, then you will get a 3G signal for sure so connect your phone to 3G network only.
Therefore, it is advisable to turn off the 4G network connection when running low on battery. To do so, follow the given path: Settings > Cellular > Voice & Data and pick 3G

Halt Background App Refresh:

The background app refresh feature enables applications to learn when you check them on a frequent basis. It enables applications to determine when you are going to check them the next time. It is a useful trick, but it does drain an ample amount of battery power.
If you are running out of battery power, then try to avoid this feature. To do so, follow the given path: Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Toggle the switch to OFF

Permit Wi-Fi Assist:

Wi-Fi drains a lot of power, and the biggest problem is that your phone attempts to hold onto a wireless signal even when it is of no use. Therefore, you need to enable Wi-Fi assist option to prevent your battery from getting drained for no reason.
To do this, follow the given path: Settings > Cellular and toggle the button adjacent to Wi-Fi assist to on

Deactivate Dynamic Backgrounds:

The dynamic background feature is of no use at times in iPhones and it drains an ample amount of battery power. These wallpapers keep on moving subtly, and they are quite fascinating.
However, it is better to disable the same to save battery by following the given path: Settings > Wallpaper > Select a new wallpaper from the ‘Stills’ section

There are plenty of ways to increase your battery life. However, the above-mentioned methods are the most efficient ways to do so. Often, while on the move, we tend to keep our iPhone working so as to receive calls and stay connected. It is always better to prioritize things and act wisely to keep your device running for long hours.

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