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Transforming Internet Marketing With AI: 7 Practical Tips & Tricks For Success In 2023

Nowadays, your traditional marketing company has transformed itself into a SaaS marketing agency, a business that heavily relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver results to a potential customer.

In fact, doing promotional activities in 2023 without at least one marketing automation tool is considered borderline business suicide. These platforms help streamline complex processes and provide actionable, real-time insights you can use for just about any process, from social media marketing to influencer marketing, search engine optimization, and various growth hacking tactics.

In this article, we’ll talk about different aspects of B2C and B2B SaaS marketing and how these incredible AI-driven tools can help various digital marketing tasks!

1.) Analyze Customer Data:

Before starting any marketing campaign, you should first learn who is your target audience and how it interacts with website content. Marketing tools like Google Analytics are perfect for this task, giving an inbound marketing agency valuable insights such as clicks, page visits, and bounce rate.

With these tools, marketing SaaS companies can also gain demographic insights. You can see where most of your visitors come from, how old they are, and what are their general interests. The information is vital during SaaS content marketing, allowing you to tailor a message for a qualified lead.

2.) Generate AI Posts:

AI-generated posts are now commonplace in B2C but also in B2B marketing. A modern SaaS content marketing agency uses tools such as Jasper, Midjourney, and Writesonic to pump out dozens of articles and images in a single day.

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It’s worth noting that this content creation is still in the gray zone when it comes to search engine optimization. Officially, Google allows AI articles and images, so you likely won’t be hit by a penalty. On the flip side, the company warns marketers that it won’t tolerate shallow content, a problem that sometimes occurs when using these platforms.

So, when creating a content marketing strategy, make sure to use tools that will generate quality content for your blog. Additionally, you might also consider editing AI-generated pieces so they’re more “human-like.”

3.) Personalize And Automate Emails:

Automation is at the front and center of every SaaS marketing strategy. Ultimately, these artificial intelligence tools are meant to fully or partially replace your staff, providing faster, error-free results.

Among others, a good SaaS product allows you to streamline email marketing. Mailchimp is a platform that has been around for quite a while, helping teams scrape and send thousands of messages while avoiding spam filters.

Newer tools are even better, as they have AI text generation features allowing a B2B SaaS company to create templates in a blink of an eye. Some of them can be integrated with LinkedIn and other social media platforms allowing marketers to scrape contacts and customize emails for specific receivers.


4.) Improve Customer Service:

For the longest time, customer service was a thorn in every company’s side. However, with the appearance of new, sophisticated chatbots, this is all but a thing of the past.

By investing in an efficient SaaS marketing tool, a SaaS business can simplify customer relations. While these chatbots are far from perfect, you can still feed them lines of text, which they can use when responding to users’ inquiries. This, in itself, can save you a lot of time responding to the same type of question over and over again.

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Customer service bots shine for smaller businesses with lots of inquiries. As most of these organizations are developing and don’t have the manpower and resources for customer service, chatbots can help close numerous leads. Ultimately, these platforms will increase engagement, retention, and brand awareness.

5.) Predict Campaign Results:

Depending on how you use them, Google Ads can drain your budget with little to show for it. This is why predictive analysis is vital for this marketing tactic.

The newest Google Analytics 4 has a predictive functionality, which helps a SaaS brand predict the results of its paid campaigns. After inputting your parameters and deciding on a budget, the software will show you what kind of results you can expect when bidding for a specific keyword.

Keep in mind that this functionality is still in development, and most of us haven’t had the opportunity to test it properly. However, the fact that this technology is now available tells us in which direction the market is trending and what new AI features await us in the future.

6.) Monitor Online Chatter:

Public relations are crucial for any B2C and B2B SaaS marketing agency and its clients. Aside from helping sales, online reviews, and feedback have a major impact on local search engine optimization and marketers’ ability to grow blogs and social media accounts.

In this day and age, a SaaS marketer should use software such as Brand24, Hootsuite, and Buffer to learn what people think about clients’ brands. The platforms can track keywords and tags that include a brand’s name, allowing PR teams to respond quickly to any slander and ask for comment removal

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Aside from helping online reputation and a company’s marketing efforts, this type of software also supports daily operations. In other words, it can indicate flaws in products and services, helping businesses create better solutions for their customers.

7.) Boost Content Optimization:

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine content creation and editing without a platform such as SurferSEO, MarketMuse, or Frase. Such software can be used to create outlines for your blog posts, extrapolate relevant keywords, and find optimal word count and number of headings.

Each AI tool comes with a score that benchmarks your article against the competition. That way, you can keep improving the piece until it can measure up with other top-performing pages in Google.

While being fantastic for your content strategy, these platforms can’t compensate for poor writing, article structuring, or dull content. On top of using optimization tools, you’ll have to implement other best practices that will propel your pieces to the top of Google’s pages.

Sergey SolonenkoAbout the Author:

Sergey Solonenko is the founder of Algocentric Digital Consultancy, an active digital strategist and a fractional CMO for many B2B SaaS brands embracing digital transformation. At Algocentric Digital Sergey’s focus is on empowering every B2B SaaS brand who is looking to scale their demand generation program. Sergey’s digital marketing experience over the last 10 years has allowed him to become a digital evangelist focused on improving SaaS demand generation programs and consulting on best practices around account-based marketing, sales, and marketing team alignment, setting up better lead qualification systems and improving user experience through personalization by aligning martech with key marketing KPIs that ladder up to faster MRR for B2B SaaS brands.

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