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Conversion Problem? Animated Explainer Video: The Solution!

When you’re in the marketing field, what is the one question that is most common? “ How to improve conversion rate?” Well, there are many factors that is responsible for this. Like the type of brand, the products and services offered, the type of audience the offering is for, etc. We have one answer to all these queries: Animated explainer videos! They are highly effective and are fast becoming the most popular method of online marketing. They are both informative and entertaining are definitely conversion rates boosters.

Exposure And Highly Shareable:

Remember that animated explainer videos are not just meant to adorn home pages of websites. They are shareable content and should be done so by every means! Share them on social media sites, like, Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook and Google+. Doing this the video gets the required exposure and a better chance to be viewed, liked and shared.

But ofcourse, explainer videos has to be well-made, creative and unique while at the same time explaining the product/service and the benefits the consumer will get using it.

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Better Understanding Of The Products And Service:

When it comes to increasing leads and conversion rates you need to gain attention of a wide range of consumers but the entertainment value of the video should be palliated by the goal. Once you’ve successfully grabbed audience attention now, you have to make sure that the content of the animated explainer video is clear and convincing. Audience should not only feel entertained but should feel the urge to convert as well. After watching the video they should feel knowledgeable and comfortable about the product being advertised. Chances of conversion exponentially increase if the product is well-explained with good quality and content.


Emotional Impact Of The Video:

When an animated explainer video elicits emotion people automatically feel connected to the product or service. When they face a similar situation like in the video, your product will be familiar and retable to the viewers. The job of an explainer video is not only to introduce the product to the consumers but build excitement and connection. That can be done using humour, empathy or any other emotion. Creating an emotional impact should be a goal of an explainer video and it can beat only text approach to increase conversion rate.

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Videos Hold Attention Of The Viewers For A Longer Time:

As a visual medium explainer videos used for advertisement holds the attention span of the consumers longer and better than just text. Research shows that only 28% of the text is read a website visitor while a video holds audience attention longer. Almost 64% of website visitors have confirmed that they purchase a product after watching a suitable video in relation to the product. A consumer stays 2 minutes longer on a website with a video than the one that doesn’t have one.

Stays On Your Mind:

The reason why animated explainer videos have such a dramatic impact on people is because the most effective type of communication is a blend of both visual and verbal elements. When information is served through a visual medium then it retains and remembered better. This directly means that there’s a significantly higher chance of converting a viewer to a customer.

Nowadays it’s very important for any business looking whose looking to improve online presence, lead generation and boost conversion rate to have animated explainer videos.

Dharmendra AhujaAbout The Author:Authored by Dharmendra Ahuja, PitchWorx. Specializes in animated explainer videos and corporate presentation design that are compelling, engaging and which convert for your business. We closely work on the lines of your concept from start to delivery. We ensure that with the explainer video your company achieves all its objectives. From helping you choose a style that will perfectly resonate with your target audience to cleverly crafting a script to coax them to take action, guide you on the length, voice over and background score, with us possibility of an exponentially popular video is very high. Get in touch with us.

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