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How To Publish Your Website Or Blog Add In Free Of Cost

Link exchange strategies can help increase traffic:
There are many ways to generate web site traffic, with some good and some bad. When thinking about a top traffic generation technique, link exchange strategies are close to the top of the list. Unfortunately search engine algorithms are coded knowing people are doing this just to get higher rankings. As such, in an effort to stop pages that are not relevant from climbing high in results, search engines have reduced scoring for link exchange. At its basic form, link exchange is no longer as effective as it has been, but there are ways to make it productive traffic generating strategy.

The solution to go around the penalty that you can face with regular link exchange is to use A-B-C link exchanges. The basics are very simple. As the owner of website A and you place a link website B. In return, the owner of website B places a link on another site he owns, web site C, which then links back to web site A. This process creates one way links and not reciprocal links, and will score higher when ranking keywords in search engines. The only thing be aware of is that web sites A, B, and C, need to have similar content in terms of niche covered. If you place a link exchange to your site from another site that does not contain relevant content, the link is useless.

Link exchange still remains a top traffic generation technique but be smart about using it. Also, link exchange will not work without other SEO techniques and other promotion methods. Make sure to stay informed at all times and learn as much as possible about generating traffic to your web site.

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How To Publish Your Website Or Blog Add In Free Of Cost
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