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Rumors, Features And Everything About The Upcoming iPhone 7

It has been hardly 2 months since Apple Inc. launched their star smartphone “The iPhone 6” along with the iPhone 6 plus but still the questions take a rise like “when is the iPhone 7 coming out?”, “ what are going to be its features?”. Well the speculations on the release date and features of the successor device of iPhone 6 are months away before hitting the market.

The forthcoming next generation device is expected to come along with pretty good features and is anticipated to have more beautiful concepts and design than the present model. But still here’s what you can almost expect or guess on everything about the Apple’s iPhone 7.

Well, What Do You Know About iPhone 7?

It must be very simple to predict that the iPhone 7 must be the 7th iPhone from Apple Inc. but unfortunately it is not true because the latest of their devices that is the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus were the 9th and the 10th iPhones respectively.

At present the apple is selling iPhones in 3 sizes. We have seen a 4 – inch screen for iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s , a 4.7 inch screen for the iPhone 6 and an enormous 5.5 inch screen for the latest iPhone6 Plus. And now we can almost guess that Apple Inc. might make at least one new device in one of the 3 sizes most probably being the 5.5 inch screen for what we theoretical device that may be iPhone 6c, iPhone 6s or an iPhone 7.

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However as per the latest news from the Apple it is confirmed that the Apple is not planning of making any new 4 inch iPhones in future. So all the attention now goes to the 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch for the future device.

What Name Can We Expect For The Next iPhone?

As we talked about it earlier “What name can we expect for the next iPhone?” we can predict that if the Apple goes with their tradition of naming their devices then it is more likely most probably the next one will be called iPhone 6s instead of iPhone 7 along with a cheaper version of it named iPhone 6c.
We still don’t know what the next iPhone can be named until Apple confirms it finally, but it has been in rumors since few years that the Apple is considering to drop the ‘S’ naming series and also the most recent ‘C’ convention because of its negative perception.

Just like the MacBook Air and iPad Air one of the Apple followers have proposed a very keen suggestion that the next iPhone can be named iPhone Air. That might also sound pretty cool if it doesn’t mix up all the devices with the post name as Air.


What Are The Expected Release Date And Rumored Features Of iPhone 7?

Apple has always been strictly following their tradition and sticking to it and if it continues then we can expect the iPhone 7 to be released in the mid of September 2015 because the pre devices iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus were revealed on 9 September 2014 and released in to the stores on September 19th in the same way the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s were revealed on 10th of September 2013. We can clearly see the pattern here.

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However it is widely known that the Apple releases iPhones twice a year to keep up in pace with the competitors. So this would mean that there would be an iPhone release soon this year.

The latest of the iPhone device is expected to have a skeleton made of liquid metal by a quad core A8- processor and come packed with gigantic 256GB internal memory as per the latest update by the iPhone 7 update. With a 4mp front snapper it is likely to have a 14 MP main camera. It could be a two lens system capable of taking higher quality pictures.

With the iPhone 7 the Apple is expected to include some very user friendly top class features that will leave everyone asking for more.
Let’s discuss some of the super specs in detail.

Screen Size: Of all the 3 screen size patterns for the iPhones the iPhone 6 seems to be a favorite for people as the 5.5 inch seems to be too big for many people and the 4 inch seems too old fashioned for many others. So the 4.7 inch might be a perfect size for an average apple fans.

3D Display: As per the latest news the iPhone 7 could feature a 3D display according to the Economic Daily news .it won’t require glasses to see the display in 3D because the Apple’s supply chain partner has been working on a project that relates to “naked eye 3D screen”.

Front And Back Camera: The latest reports suggest that the camera could offer a significant improvement over the previous cameras of iPhone devices. As talked earlier it has a 2 lens system that could allow the users to capture “DSLR quality imagery”.

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Next Generation Processor: The processors are expected to be manufactured with a 14-nanometer design for the new chips that are expected to be smaller along with being more efficient and more powerful.

Better RAM: The amount of the RAM in iPhone in the iPhone 7 is bound to jump from 1GB to 2GB.

The Price: On an average you might probably end up paying between $649 or $849.

A Question Mark On Battery Life:
The battery life has been one of apple’s biggest limitations. Still there is actually no guarantee of iPhone7 providing a better battery life as per the latest news. Apart from these specified specs there is many more that the iPhone7 might bring with it. Some of them areas follows

  • 1) Pre-installed ‘Apple SIM’
  • 2) ‘Joystick’-style Home button for gamers
  • 3) Wireless charging
  • 4) Force Technology
  • 5) iOS 9
  • 6) Touch ID built into the screen

All these were probably what we could get into the latest news on the iPhone 7 by Apple Inc. But there still many more news to come. Now let’s wait with time and see what surprises the future device has to bring with it. Let’s expect iPhone 7 rumors to start flowing in thick and fast very soon.

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4 Responses to “Rumors, Features And Everything About The Upcoming iPhone 7”

  1. John Rowan says:

    I have the 5s at the moment and is working a treat. Not too sure what my next move will be. Do I wait and get the 7 or just go ahead and upgrade to the 6 once this contract expires in April. Either way…Apple is simply a money making machine that can do no wrong.

  2. Blue Collar Defender says:

    Wow that phone is very thin, I have an iPhone 4s and until now the phone works great and they can survive any light games I want. the only problem I see on my phone is the battery draining fast, but that is OK since the phone is a bit old Thanks for this tech update keep it up!

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Welcome here and thanks for liking our article. Every mobile will drain faster when you will run the game so this will depend upon game developer. Anyway, stay tuned to us to get more updates.

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