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How To Delete Duplicate Photos From Photo Gallery?

Do you examine your devices for duplicate images? Did you realize how media files consume their most storage capacity? And since it is so simple to snap, share, and move photographs, identical images amass. Clone photos not only occupy unnecessary space but are also confusing. It’s indeed critical to discover similar photos and then eliminate them. This post will go over Duplicate Photo Finder & Remover, which can assist you in locating and removing duplicate photographs from the device.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is now available.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is indeed a functional photo duplicate detection program that swiftly scans and declutters your whole photo collection of superfluous same & similar photographs. The application is compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, iOS, Mac, & Android. This ultimate picture repair software allows you to locate and erase duplicate photographs with both external and internal memory. Duplicate Photographs Fixer Pro for Windows 11 has a stylish & modern design and works quickly when scanning & comparing duplicate images.

Despite being named the finest duplicate photo finder. This essay will focus on the Version of windows of this picture duplication finding tool:

The User Interface Of Duplicate Photos Fixer:

The UI of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is plain and uncomplicated, with easy-to-use navigation buttons. Its design is simple and elegant. As soon as you reach the home page, it prompts you to add files/folders or photographs to scan, giving it a simple procedure even for a total novice. It completes every work quickly and without glitches, with no issue with how many photographs we add for scale in one shot.

Who Should Utilize The Duplicate Photos Repair Tool?

Let’s admit it: no one has the patience to manually look through a large photo collection and select the finest photographs to save to a hard drive. Nonetheless, users wind up with several backup data of the exact images cluttering the system. This is where Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro for Windows 11 excels, assisting both rookie and experienced photographers in scaling their large image collection in a single step.

The powerful duplicate photodetector and remover are well-known for their exact identification scan and elimination of duplicates and similar-looking photos. As a result, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro For Windows 11 becomes the finest choice for both novice and experienced users coping with large photo collections.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Supports The Following File Formats:


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Latest Version & Supported Operating SystemAndroid –
Windows – 1.3.1086.188.
iOS – 2.7
Mac – 4.5
DeveloperSystweak Software Pvt Ltd.
Download File SizeMac – 14.8 MB
Windows – 10.3 MB
Android – 9.9 MB
iOS – 19.3 MB
Languages SupportedDanish, Dutch, English, French, German,  Chinese Simplified, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, Finnish

Price: Fix Duplicate Photos

  • $39.95 for Windows
  • For Mac, $38.99;
  • For iOS, $6.99;
  • For Android, free.



The Most Rapid Scanning EngineOnly 15 duplicates may be removed in the free version.
Allows you to preview and mark photos for deletion.
Friendly User Interface
It allows you to reclaim a considerable amount of space.
In One Scan, You Can Get an Organized Photo Library

Consider The Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Set Of Features:

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro for Windows 11 is an easy-to-use duplicate photo detection and eradication. If you wish to conserve time and hard disc space, the duplicate photo cleanup program is worth it.

1.) Modes Of Comparison:

  • Exact Match – This option on the picture duplication detection tool allows users to eliminate identical duplicate copies of an image.
  • Similar Match – This option allows users to erase photographs that are not completely copied but have notable similarities. There are a few parameters that may be changed to meet the needs of the user.


2.) Level Matching:

  • Low Matching Level – Selecting this level allows users to locate and eliminate photographs with a high degree of diversity. Look at the image below. The difference in the photographs can be seen with the butterfly on top of the flower in the first image and the identical butterfly near the flower in the second image since the Slider is positioned towards the left towards a low level.
  • Middle Matching Level – The Slider Position inside the picture is set to the default value. Whenever a user moves the pointer more toward the center, the degree of resemblance between two photos decreases. Its search results with a slider in this position are less than those with a slider in the previous position.
  • High Matching Level – Whenever the Slider is placed on the right wing, the degree of resemblance is greatly reduced, and the resulting image is restricted even further. Whenever the slider is set to High Level, the two photos below are nearly identical. Therefore, if you wish to locate identical duplicate photographs, keep the similarity level set very high!


3.) Other Variables:

  • Bitmap Size: When you select to locate and eliminate duplicates based on the Similar Match option, you may adjust the following parameters. The options listed below might help you regulate the accuracy of your findings.
  • Time Interval – Identify duplicates by moving the slider among photo intervals. The time interval here between two photos is set to 30 seconds by default. Whenever you shoot rapid-fire photos, sliding the cursor to the right allows the program to discover and show photographs that correspond at a high percentage and were obtained in shorter time intervals.
  • GPS – Even as the name implies, it examines the photographs’ embedded coordinates. Its standard setting is 5 meters. Duplicates in pictures can be found using geolocation tags.
  • Default Loading – By selecting this option, users will be able to return to the original settings and get a great variety of duplicates and similar-looking pictures. This option is beneficial if you do not wish to manually modify the setting.
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4.) Settings:

  • Users – Can navigate to the Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro settings panel on Windows 10 by selecting the Settings button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Inside the settings menu, select:
  • General – Here you may hide/unhide verification dialogue boxes that appear in the application when you take actions including Delete, Moving Back, Auto-Mark, Launch at System Startup, and Product Notifications.
  • Scan Criteria – This second alternative, ‘Scan Criteria,’ allows users to choose which picture file extensions to search for. Underneath this box, there is a checkbox for ‘Minimum File Size Included in the Scan,’ which is set to 50kb by default. By modifying the comment box below, any user can adjust the necessary file size. The size of the digital storage unit may also be changed from KB to MB.
  • Exclude Folders – Manage folders that you do not want to be searched for duplicates.

5.) Transfer Duplicates:

It is configured to transfer duplicates to the Recycle Bin by default, but you may also move them to another folder. This option allows you to modify the destiny of duplicates after clicking the Delete Marked button.

Additional Benefits:

1.) Effortless Photo Recovery:

When the user hits “Delete Marked,” any duplicate marked photographs are sent to the Windows Recycle Bin. Because the picture duplication discovery tool doesn’t permanently erase them, the customer must individually delete them first from recycle bin.

2.) Allows For Both Internal And External Storage:

Users may use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro to look for identical and comparable pictures on external media as well as internal hard drives. This duplicate photo cleanup program examines memory cards, portable hard drives, and USB flash drives, quickly and easily.

3.) Examine Google Drive:

Indeed, Duplicate Photos Fixer can assist you in locating duplicates in Google Drive. That method doesn’t necessitate you to download the information to the computer instead and searches the cloud storage immediately. Scan Google Drive from the list of alternatives below to provide access to Google Drive. Quickly find & remove duplicate photographs from Google Drive.

4.) Supports A Variety Of File Formats:

TIFF, TGA, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TGA, & many other popular file types are all supported. The picture duplication finder assists you in creating a duplicate-free photo library & optimizing your system for efficient operation.

5.) Mark Duplicates Automatically:

Once all of the same & identical-looking photos have been identified, you can swiftly see the results & click the Auto-Mark option to have the duplicate picture elimination application choose them for you.

Assistant In Selection:

It aids in making Auto-mark judgments based on your needs. You may fill in the priority based on your preferences for image file format, capture date, size, & other factors.

How Does Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Work On Windows 11?

It is quite simple to use this wonderful duplicate photo remover. You only need to complete the following:

  1. Download and run Duplicate Photos Fixer.
  2. Choose Scan Computer from the drop-down menu, then click the Add Photos or Folders button. Alternatively, folders may be dragged and dropped.
  3. To begin organizing your photo collection, click the ‘Scan for Duplicates’ option.
  4. Preview and mark the photographs you want to remove or use the Auto-Mark feature.
  5. After you’ve picked all of the similar or nearly identical photographs, click the Delete Marked option.
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With this wonderful duplicate photo fixer, you may have a duplicate-free photo collection on your Windows PC!

Remove Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro From Your Computer:

If you desire to get rid of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro For Windows 11, attentively follow the instructions.

  1. Open the Control Panel. Using the Start Menu, you may access the Control Panel.
  2. In the Control Panel window, go to Programs and then click the Uninstall a program button.
  3. In the next window, locate Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro > right-click and select Uninstall.
  4. Click Yes one more to confirm the procedure!

Follow the comprehensive method to remove Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro from the Microsoft App Store, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7/Vista, or XP! Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro may also be downloaded for Mac, iOS, and Android.


Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro for Windows 11, as well as other operating systems, is a fantastic duplicate photo cleaner also with the quickest scanning engine for locating and deleting duplicate images. When we tested the tool, scanning 1000 photos and retrieving correct findings took just under 15 seconds. Using its Auto-Mark tool, we were able to mark and delete all duplicates & similar photographs in a single click. Furthermore, this program is the greatest duplicate photo finder for Windows, Mac, Android, & iOS, and you may try it on other platforms as well.

Important Questions That Users Have:

Question: Is it feasible to use this program to locate photographs that are within a specific distance of a GPS point? This is not the intended usage, but because it searches GPS, it would be wonderful to be able to provide a specific GPS location and get all images taken within a given range of that place. I need to de-duplicate my photographs, but I also need to search images of certain places to see how they’ve evolved, and my filing was not excellent for a while.

Answer: Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro considers the GPS Longitude & Latitude from the picture metadata. It then analyzes these values & returns a duplicate match result. Whereas if the distance between the two is between 1 and 100 meters, the photographs will be shown; otherwise, they will not be considered duplicates. There is currently no option to manually enter GPS coordinates & search for photographs.

Question: When determining duplicate photographs, does your program compare Metadata? I have numerous duplicates, some with incomplete Metadata and some with FULL Metadata. I don’t want to remove photographs that have Full Metadata.

Answer: The Metadata of the photographs is compared as one of the criteria for finding duplicates by Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. In addition, I recommend Images Exif Editor, a software developed to alter the Metadata of your photos. You may get this app by following this link. Subscribe to our alerts and follow us on social media to keep up to date and receive more articles like this.

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