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Why CRM Is Important To Your Business?

A CRM involves the usage of specific techniques and technological equipment by businesses to develop and maintain customer relations. Through developing and maintaining these relationships, businesses can attain loyal customers and retain them. Both of these factors play a major role in driving business revenue.

Hence, by utilizing CRM software, businesses can enhance their lead conversion and customer retention strategies to boost their profits.

What Is Real Estate CRM?

Realtors require constant access to customer and property market details to conduct their business operations. However, if this information is distributed over several applications, retrieving vital information becomes difficult, which can slow down progress. A real estate CRM can enable you to remove such obstacles.

With a Real Estate CRM, you can:-

  • Manage and sort various leads
  • Track lead generating marketing campaigns
  • Develop contact profiles
  • Identify sales-ready leads in the sales pipeline
  • Recording contact information of landlords and customers
  • Sharing or uploading documents and contracts
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Integrates phone call or chat support for instant contact with clients
  • Automated e-mail reminders to clients for meetings or open houses.

A real estate CRM can enable your employees to enhance their productivity and streamline sales pipelines to provide personalized experiences to potential customers.

What Is The Best CRM For Real Estate?

There are a variety of CRM apps available that realtors can use to cater to their clients’ needs and conduct business operations. The best real estate CRM varies from company to company as per requirements and need; the best for you may not be the best for someone else.

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Features Of A Good CRM:

A good CRM provides a set of core CRM functions at a reasonable price. These include:-

1.) Contact Management:

A good CRM helps to sort and keep track of customers through its comprehensive contact management tool. Besides basic fields such as demographic details and client credentials, it also allows you to sort your customers based on their status, rank, and even birthdays. Being aware of such important credentials can allow your employees to develop stronger relations with customers.

Referral Tracking Software:

Besides sorting clients, this feature includes referral tracking software too. It can determine the client and the number of leads earned through your client, allowing you to monitor the growth of your customer base.

Call List:

The CRM application is supported on mobile devices. It allows you to access basic property and client data such as contacts, sellers, task lists, and call lists. The call list is another powerful tool that displays which customers need to be contacted.

It provides their credentials and even stores notes, if any, made during past interactions with prospects. These notes can be accessed within the contacts displayed and can help your sales teams to revise any important deals discussed or what the contract requires.

The call list can make reports on the number of calls handled by your sales representatives and those which are incomplete. For handling multiple calls, the CRM has a multi-line power dialer.


2.) Lead Management:

Customization Of Drip Campaigns:

For helping realtors in handling leads, the CRM software provides a variety of tools to control leads earned through various sources. Drip campaigns can be customized according to the lead magnet a prospect clicked.

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Pre-Defined Sorting Of Leads:

If you want to set up categories before a lead is earned through a marketing campaign, the CRM provides such a feature. The CRM facilitates sending automated e-mail responses to new leads earned. You can even send a video to your leads by using the CRM’s lead integration plug-ins.

Automated Delivery Of Personalized SMS:

For enhanced lead conversion, the CRM has a Wise Text feature that can enable brokers or realtors to send automated personalized SMS, which includes the lead’s name and the lead’s source.

Lead Distribution System:

Real estate companies that generate hundreds of leads in a day can take advantage of CRM’s lead distribution system. The leads can be sorted based on the day they subscribed to your company’s service, location details, price range, etc. It even has a category for unclaimed leads, which can be claimed by any of your real estate teams.

Connected With Multiple Real Estate Lead Providers:

The real estate industry has more than a hundred companies that earn and sell leads. The CRM can allow you to collect leads from renowned companies such as Zillow or and other companies like Listings or Lending Tree.

Exceptional Real Estate CRMs:

1.) HubSpot CRM:

HubSpot CRM provides a collection of powerful features that include e-mail workflows, call recording tools, and sales pipeline management. The CRM app enables you to make personalized meeting schedules, integrate live chat into sites, and sync with various third-party applications.

The CRM software can work as a one-in-all platform for realtors to conduct marketing and sales operations.

2.) Propertybase CRM:

Propertybase is an exclusive real estate platform that provides CRM software, marketing tools, and an IDX-based website. The IDX software enables the display of local property listings onto real estate sites from the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).

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With this CRM, you can handle listings available on real estate websites and automate ads displayed on social media platforms. This can help your real estate agency to display ads to a potential prospect at the right moment.

The CRM app can integrate with large MLSs for promoting listings in real estate platforms.

3.) The Real Estate CRM:

The Real Estate CRM is packed with powerful functions to handle business operations, property listings, and client interactions. The CRM software has a reports builder feature for determining real estate trends and irregularities in sales pipelines. It also provides useful insights into sales and marketing performance.

The Real Estate CRM can automate repetitive tasks such as scheduling meetings, follow-ups, and syncing customer data through other business applications. For streamlining marketing strategies, the CRM provides marketing automation options such as the use of drip campaigns and e-mail marketing automation.

Based on lead or client data, realtors can create personalized marketing campaigns to boost sales.


Whether your business is just a startup or a well-established enterprise, CRM applications have become a need of the hour for making better and on-point customer interactions. With CRM software, your company can improve and customize sales pipelines for increasing deals closures and boosting profits.

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