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Why Is It Important For Your Business To Have A Mobile-Optimized Website In 2022?

The importance of a mobile-friendly website grew significantly over the last couple of years as half of the web traffic worldwide came from mobile devices.

Nowadays, customers carry the power of the internet in their pockets, and they can make purchases with just a swipe or even through simple voice commands. They no longer have to walk into a store or wait to be at their computer in order to buy something, rather they are capable of browsing the internet just with their fingertips and can get hold of the best salesperson —your website! It is available to them 24/7 and can provide product or service information, reviews, client testimonials, and everything else they require to buy from you.

But what if your business website is not optimized for mobile searches? Or if the site is not responsive on their devices? Will the customers just go through the trouble of searching your website through their laptop? Or would they simply walk into your physical store?

Of course, they won’t!

Your potential customers, who could have been a significant part of your revenue and growth, would possibly visit the next best website, which is your competitors. This could not only bring down the profits of your business but the increased bounce rate would definitely push your website to the bottom of Google search engine rankings. And from an SEO perspective, that is pretty bad for your brand.

So, as a business owner, what can you do?

The answer is simple; have your website optimized for mobile!

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What Is Mobile Optimization?

Most of you might quickly search your business URL on a mobile browser now just to make sure that the website pops up and works fine. But what you have to understand is that there is a difference between a mobile-friendly site and a mobile-optimized site.

Almost all websites nowadays are mobile-friendly and they appear to be a smaller version of your actual website. Your mobile website would also have features such as text-based phone numbers or email addresses that can trigger direct calls or email messages via mobile devices.

Though a mobile-friendly website implements all this and also ensures that your business website functions on mobile devices, it still is not quite as efficient as a mobile-optimized site.  A mobile-optimized site reformats itself for the specific mobile device and it also ensures that it properly displays the content on smaller screens by not making the text smaller but by optimizing it based on screen size.

The best example of a well-mobile optimised website will be Amazon. You may notice that the Amazon site on mobile is not a mini version of the website but is an entirely different interface. The mobile version provides a user experience that is functional and easy to use whether you are on an Android, iOS, tablet, or any other device.

The tech-savvy folks over at Amazon have done this to make sure that the millions of products on the website load just as seamlessly on a mobile device similar to a desktop. It ensures that they don’t miss even a single sale due to poor page experience, load speed, lack of responsiveness, or anything else for that matter.

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So would you want your business to grab the opportunity and significantly increase customer satisfaction, revenue, and growth with mobile optimization?

If you are not convinced yet, here are a few more benefits of mobile-optimized websites that can reinforce the importance.


The Benefits Of A Mobile Optimized Website In 2022:

Improves User Experience:

A mobile website must be a site specifically for the mobile user and not just a shrunk miniature of the actual website. Because the experience of users on a website matters. If your business website is incapable of providing a good user experience on the devices that customers use, then they will leave and won’t return.

When you shrink the website to be able to work properly on mobile devices, the content, images, button text everything becomes smaller. Your website users will have to zoom in to properly read and also the navigation will be difficult. A mobile-optimized website eliminates all this and ensures that the user experience is prioritized. This will help customers spend more time on your website and will also enable them to make decisions much faster, without any confusion.

Improves Website Speed:

Google’s latest Core Web Vital update significantly prioritizes load speed to determine which page will rank on SERP and which will not. If your business’s mobile website is the exact replica of the computer website, then it will have larger images and HTML codes which could make a tremendous amount of time to load on mobile devices. By optimizing for mobile you can actually remove the unwanted elements that would otherwise cause delays in page speed, this could also help in increased speed for the desktop version.

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Increase Average Time On-Site:

Google algorithms prefer to rank sites that have lower bounce rates and more average time spent rates. This is because the algorithms are programmed to believe that people spend more time on a website because the site is highly informative and provides content that the visitors are looking for. When you optimize your website for mobile, people will find the complete browsing experience more seamless and will tend to spend more time on the website. This will not only help in Google rankings but will also improve customer retention and customers will come back to your website because they found the initial experience to be effective.


Considering the tremendous increase in mobile users across the globe, it is imperative that businesses should equally prioritize mobile browsing and web browsing. For this, businesses are leveraging the help of digital marketing agencies to embrace the growing use of mobile devices.

As the potential of new innovative solutions such as voice-based search and local SEO are increasing, mobile optimization presents businesses with an opportunity for a virtuous circle of reinvestment. Companies that focus on enhanced omnichannel and multi-platform capabilities can significantly gain a competitive advantage over their rivals while ensuring customer demands are met any time, anywhere.

Cindy WilliamsAbout the Author:

Cindy Williams is a blogger in Canada. She is working as an outreach coordinator for Web Sharx, a company offering website development in Toronto. She graduated with honours from the University of British Columbia with a dual degree in Business Administration and Creative Writing.

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