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How To Spruce Up Your Instagram Captions (To Get More Likes And Comments)?

Instagram is the fastest growing social media network with over a billion active users every month, and the number tends to overgrown. You might upload glorious videos and photos, but you will miss out on various key opportunities if you are not giving proper attention to your Instagram captions. An Instagram caption will be one reason to increase website traffic, Instagram followers, and online sales. An eye-catching visual freezes your viewers to your post, but a magnificent caption can do a lot in sales and marketing.

What Brings Into A Perfect Instagram Caption?

An attractive caption gains more engagement, which is more important in the algorithm of Instagram. The best caption provides an excellent personality to your brand. In simple words, Instagram caption takes your brand’s social media victory, and it improves your brand on all sides.

According to the Instagram algorithm’s recent update, your posts or contents are likely to be seen if the network satisfies your engagement rates. It clearly shows that having a huge follower base does not mean that your posts reach a broader audience.

Recently, Instagram stated how the algorithm works. It says, “the first post in your feed is decided by what accounts and posts you are most engaged with and also the other factors like time of the post-viewing, your usage of the platform, number of people you follow, etc.”

For the starters, it depends on the user’s activity. So, as a brand or business, you want to make users on the platform stay with your content or post, meaning reading it for a few seconds, commenting, sharing, or liking it.

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Writing Perfect Captions On Instagram Begins With Your Campaign Goals:

Before knowing about caption writing, let’s go to your strategy’s primary objectives on Instagram and let them instruct you. It includes:

  • A product launch, a collection launch, or a sales promotion.
  • Picking up UGC(User Generated Contents) with branded hashtags on Instagram.
  • Launching an awareness campaign to boost your brand awareness or to speed up your visibility.

You can spend in sponsored/promoted posts if you have a business account on Instagram to ensure that the primary audience sees your posts. There are various CTA(Call To Action) for you to select from if you go for sponsored posts. The captions for IGTV should be perfect for trending the video content. If you are running a small business, you can create attractive captions to boost IGTV views for content promotion among a larger audience. Small businesses with less ad spend could make effective use of captions to boost brand awareness.

Running an organic Instagram ad campaign requires your CTA (Call To Action) to meet two primary objectives which are:

  • Getting potential followers and followers to read your post’s caption, steps to your profile, and tap the clickable link in your bio.
  • Getting followers to comment, share, and like.

Don’t forget that you can’t add the clickable links in your organic posts, so you want to head up your users to tap the clickable link in the bio section to visit your product page or website.


How To Compose A Good Caption On Instagram:

1.) Utilize The First Sentence:

The platform shortens your stunning caption after two to three lines, so put all the objectives in the first. Make it compelling or ask a question in the first sentence, and also don’t place your CTA at the end.

2.) Ask A Question Or Provide CTA(Call To Action):

Every post must have an intention and purpose, so treat everyone with its primary objective and let that objective define the CTA. What do you need fans to do:

  • Shop for a service or product?
  • See your website?
  • Purchase a promotion?
  • Share the post with followers?
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The primary key is to develop the engagement in terms of making a conversation. Encouraging engagement boosts your post to appear in other people’s feeds to follow as a recommended account.

Here are the adequate words that you can add to the caption:

  • Leave a comment
  • Tag your friend
  • Tap the link in the bio section
  • Upload an image with your unique hashtag

3.) Bring Value:

Provide tricks and tips or whatever information to inform or educate to hike the Instagram post’s added value. Adding more value to your captions on Instagram helps the user, and the post would be shared more and bookmarked.

4.) Create Like A Human:

Authenticity stands the most. In captions and contents, give the actual words and create as you speak. You might need to be intentional and strategic and come across like a friend and original to the user.

5.) Draft Your Captions In A Separate Network:

You are likely to think distraction and strategically free if you develop your caption on a separate platform. Don’t forget, maintain your engagement objectives and campaign at the central point of your caption on Instagram while drafting. Try new ideas to your Instagram captions; always, the first write-up won’t become the best. Let your practice stand out and enjoy the process.

6.) Use Storytelling Technique:

Attach your Instagram captions’ spice and personality, like explaining the picture clearly in just two or three short sentences.

7.) Use Emojis:

Make use of emojis to bring some animation and extra flavor to your Instagram captions. Emojis are the best way to make the user click the link in the bio section. Also, don’t forget the fact of using emoji in your branding tone. And don’t add too many emojis in a single caption as it irritates the users to look at it.

8.) Length Of Caption:

Like the marketing strategies, and the Instagram caption is all about quality. It can be catchy and snappy, or short. An expert says that there is nothing wrong or good with caption length. If users like the content, they will read it.

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9.) Make Use Of Hashtag:

Hashtags on Instagram are the primary way to bring your posts searchable, so always make sure that you work it correctly. They perform like keywords, as hashtags have searching and tracking capabilities.

Many brands and business groups hashtag at the end of every caption to make things clean. So how will you fix the hashtags to explore? Bring up a hashtag that is a mixture of community, product, branded, and relevant hashtags to your posts.

Instagram Caption Tricks, Tips, And Answers:

Before going to the caption creativity style:

  • Deal with these pointers, which helps increase the exposure of your brand.
  • Capture your audience.
  • Begin achieving your campaign’s goals.

How To Add Spaces In Captions On Instagram?

Using symbols, we can easily add spaces in the Instagram captions. Using the spaces helps maintain the hashtags below the “More” tag. Go through these simple instruction to add spaces in your Instagram captions:

  • Explore your caption on Instagram
  • Click the return or enter key to bring a line break.
  • Add a symbol on the line. Most of the users use the hyphen(-) or period(.)
  • Click return or enter again; now start typing your new paragraph.
  • To add some extra spaces between two paragraphs in the Instagram caption, repeat these instructions.

How Long Can A Caption On Instagram Be?

Captions on Instagram can be 2,200 characters long and also can consist of 30 hashtags. To bring more engaging captions on Instagram, be clear to follow these strategies. To obtain more content and hashtags, utilize the comment section to attach nearly 30 hashtags and 2,200 characters.

Final Words:

When the strategy is the primary key, captions on Instagram also shine as a great hope to explore your brand personality, so don’t forget that you are merging a brand’s unique view with a little hearted tone on Instagram. After all, the message is the medium.

Mary KyleAbout the Author:

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

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