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7 Next Big Things In SEO To Watch Out For

In the digital world, SEO is a never-ending race where everyone is trying to outrank the others. With new strategies and tactics being developed every day, it is important to keep track of everything that can help you in the long run. This blog will focus on the most important SEO trends that you need to watch out for in order to improve your search rankings.

The best SEO professionals know that the SEO game is always changing. Google releases new algorithms now and then. Digital marketing agencies in numbers are running behind the algorithm trying to find out which SEO techniques work. If you can keep up with these algorithms, you can always be the winner, and if not, you will be at the losing end. This blog will discuss 7 big things in search engine optimization (SEO) to watch out for.

Search engine optimization is a constantly evolving field, with many changes taking place all the time. It’s difficult to keep on top of all the changes, so here is a list of the next big things in SEO that you should look out for.

7 Next Big Things In SEO To Watch Out For:

1.) Core Web Vitals The Top Ranking Factor:

SEO is much more than just a compilation of a set of keywords inserted here and there. Pages rank better when the user experience is great and core web vitals are the next big thing on SEO.

Core web vitals works on three things. They are Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay(FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).

LCP is, in general, a measure of the site’s loading time. A good LCP time is 2.5 seconds from when the page first starts to load. FID is the measure of interactivity between the user and the page. A good FID should be less than 100 milliseconds and the better the interactivity, the better the page’s ranking ability.CLS is the measure of visual stability. A good CLS of less than 0.1 milliseconds is appropriate for a good user experience.

Website pages with good loading page time, better interactivity and visual stability will create a better user experience and thereby ranks better. Core web vitals will not just be the latest SEO trends 2022 but will be an important entity far beyond.

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2.) Passage Indexing Creates Relevant SEO Benefits:

Passage indexing drives traction to your website. Passage indexing is a feature that is automated to show a particular section of the page in the search engine results even if the content differs from the main topic.

Let’s consider in case you have written a blog about the importance of digital marketing. To give a holistic approach to the blog, you would cover topics like the emergence of digital marketing, the application of digital marketing in different businesses, digital marketing tools used, digital marketing trends and much more. Passage indexing automates your page to rank for digital marketing tools, even though the topic would be just a part of the website and the entire website is not optimized for it.

Passage indexing is an automated system that annotates long passages of content. Pages that have long-form content that is not optimized properly will be benefited from page indexing.

Passage indexing reduces the importance of on-page SEO factors in ranking but focuses on long-tail keywords. Passage indexing focuses on user and user information rather than on Google bots.

Passage indexing is one of the important and latest SEO trends 2022

3.) Artificial Intelligence Is The Next Big Thing In SEO:

Artificial intelligence has found its way into all domains, and search engine optimization is no exception. AI In SEO will be one of the important latest SEO trends 2022  that you need to take note of.AI helps out in making the website rank in a multitude of ways. AI SEO helps figure out which keywords should be targeted and helps in link building as well.

Content curation is easy with AI as it helps figure out trending topics and build a personalized experience. Content optimization and enhancement of user experience are also possible through artificial intelligence used in SEO.

AI bots have made it easier, and they help create topic clusters that rightly answer the user’s questions and help rank. AI SEO helps to figure out the optimum content length on the given topic. AI SEO also helps to use the keywords and latent semantic indexing keywords the right way.


4.) Google’s BERT Algorithm Works Big Time:

To better understand the searches and gain insight into what exactly the users are surfing for, Google’s BERT algorithm works big time. BERT is abbreviated as Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers that uses machine learning and natural language processing to get a better hold of what users are looking for.

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According to Wordstream, it is advisable to perform a Google Search for the general keyword you are trying to rank to know that your intent matches the searcher’s intent. BERT will be one of the leading and latest SEO trends in 2022  to keep in mind.

For example, if a person is googling with the keyword bike in google, they would be willing to get information on the bike. If they are searching for something with the keyword’ bike services’, then this means that they are looking for services for bike repair or cleaning. Google BERT analyses this and helps rank accordingly.

Google’s BERT algorithm works in such a way that if the content doesn’t match what the searcher is looking for then, it has a lesser possibility for ranking over the others. BERT favours the pages that exactly matches what the searcher is looking for, and these pages have a higher chance of being ranked.

5.) Voice Search Optimized Websites And Video Marketing Has Got Great Power To Rank:

Voice search optimization and video marketing will be a notable latest SEO trend 2022.

Users are surfing the internet to look for better and easier solutions. Likewise, while searching for something, it is found that in 2020, nearly 5% of searches were voice searches out of all the searches on the internet.

In voice search, make sure that the voice search optimization is conversational and optimize it for local search. For example: If an internet user is searching for the best digital marketing agency in Chennai, then your agency will show up along with numerous other GMB pages.  Use structured content and make sure that it is listed on the GMB page. Mobile-friendly pages are ranked better for voice search, and FAQs as well rank better.

Using videos on your page can be one of the best yet effective ways to boost your SEO. People surfing the internet look for immediate and concise solutions, and watching a video can be much easier than reading up elaborative content for a few. Youtube videos are the best source of video marketing and increase brand visibility.

Google is highly likely to rank videos that are hosted on youtube. Creating compelling videos with a catchy title has a higher chance of ranking on google.

6.) Featured Snippet Is Beneficial:

According to Hubspot research, it is found that content with featured snippets has a 2x higher click-through rate. Featured snippets are nothing but an excerpt that ranks on SERP.

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Snippets provide the user with quick and easy answers instantly. The major types of snippets are paragraphs concisely giving a gist of what the user searches for, a list or listicle of things that are searched for, and a table containing relevant content.

For your content to rank as a featured snippet, make use of the space and answer multiple questions with optimal word count. Also, pick the most relevant and frequently asked questions that answer the questions like what, where and which. Answer them concisely, and this as well can increase the chance of ranking. Listicles, in general, are found to rank better on snippets.

Nearly 70% of the snippets come from sites that are not even in the top-ranking position. This shows that snippets are an easy way for sites with lesser on-page SEO optimization to rank better.

7.) Make Use Of The EAT Principle:

Make use of EAT principle so that other brands don’t eat out your ranking ability. EAT principle is also abbreviated as Expertise, Authority and Trust.

The EAT principle generally works on the concept that popular and authentic brands rank higher and drive better traffic.

This is where going the extra mile like guest blog publishing, press releases and other public relations works, social media presence, and other things come into play. Increasing brand visibility and creating a brand can be the best ways to keep the SEO game stronger.

SEO is an entity of digital marketing that keeps changing its form from time to time. You need to keep in mind that there is no one thing that contributes to SEO. Make use of the above to yield better SEO results as they are the latest SEO trends for 2022. Keeping it in mind and implementing the same in your website, you will be able to drive better traffic and improve the ranking of your website. Let us know which are the SEO strategies that you will be using on your site?

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